Welcome to the Committee Emily Sullivan

Name: Emily Sullivan

Subject: Anthropology

Year of Study: 4th

Committee Position: Vice President



HC: How long have you been apart of Her Campus?


ES: I have been apart of Her Campus Aberdeen since freshers week of my first year. So this will be my 4th year.


HC: What made you decide to first join HC?


ES: I came to university, first time living without my friends from school, and I just loved the idea of having a big group of gal pals again. I also was interested in writing articles but wasn’t very confident in my writing ability, Her Campus has definitely helped with that.


HC: Do you remember the first time you went to a meeting or social event? What was it like?


ES: First off, I was still 17 in my freshers week, so I already felt quite isolated with not being able to go on the nights out, so I was super nervous! I was really shy for pretty much the whole first semester and didn’t actually go to many of the events due to nerves, which I regret deeply now. Once I went to one pub golf social, I never looked back. Her Campus has become such a big part of my university experience and I couldn’t imagine the last four years without it.

Her Campus members all the way back in 2016/2017! Can you spot Emily!?


HC: What is it like NOW?

ES: Oh, it’s all changed now, I run this show! (Sorry, Jade). Now some of my best pals are current and past members of Her Campus, I even live with The President.

HC: What drove/drives you to be on the HC committee?

ES: At first I was just super keen to get involved in any way I could and represent the society. Last year I took charge of the fundraising aspect of the society and absolutely loved it, that was definitely a big drive for me, and I would love to continue supporting as many charities as possible this academic year.

Her Campus gave me a place to relax, be myself, and just have a gossip when I needed it. It’s given me the freedom to write about whatever I want to, and I actually get emotional when I think about it ending. It is without a doubt the best thing I have done during my time at university and if I can recreate that feeling  for a new member, that’ll be a job well done.


Her Campus new and old committee together in May 2019! This was the day Emily was elected  Vice President. Can you spot her here, too!?


HC: Where do you see yourself in a year?


ES: PASS! I am living in the moment, enjoying my final year, and ignoring the fact I have 10,000 ideas of what I want to do with my life.

Emily and friend living in the moment.


HC: If there was one this that you could say to your fresher self, what would it be?


ES: Stop being so nervous! No one cares what you wear, no one is going to be horrible if you speak to them, because every fresher is in the same boat! Be brave, go to the socials, meet people and enjoy yourself!


HC: If there was one thing you could say to your future self, what would it be?


ES: Wow, don’t you look good for you age!


Quick fire:

HC: Mayonnaise or ketchup?

ES: Ketchup


HC: Tesco or Morrisons?

ES: In an ideal world, Waitrose, but I’ll let you know when I get there.


HC: Club or pub?

ES: Pub. But preferably pyjamas.


HC: Netflix or Prime?

ES: Prime!


HC: Which JoBro?

ES: Nick, all day everyday, until I die.


HC: Thanks so much Emily, good luck this year as Vice Pres!! Xx


ES: Thanks, Julia! Can’t wait for this year!! Xx

All photos were taken from Emily’s own instagram or the Her Campus at Aberdeen Facebook page.