Welcome to the Committee Amy Catlow

 HC: Hi Amy! We want to know all about your university experiences, some of your likes and dislikes, and just generally more about you as a person! How are you feeling?

Amy: Hey, I’m feeling great now, I’m excited to be back at university and getting back into Her Campus and seeing all the gals again! My uni experience has been good, I’ve really enjoyed it and I’ve loved meeting new people and socialising with everyone. I’m a pretty easy-going person, I love going on nights out and meeting new people. I love all types of sports as well so normally my weekends consist of me watching sports and hanging out with friends or my boyfriend. My dislikes are definitely 9am classes but lucky for me I don’t have any this year!

HC: I'm glad to hear that, let’s jump right in and get started! What made you want to join HCAU?

Amy: I really wanted to meet new people and get involved more with university societies and everyone was really welcoming. The social aspect helped as well to bring me out of my shell and make me more confident in my abilities and in myself.

HC: What about being social secretary? What made you decide to go for this role? Any exciting plans up your sleeve?

Amy: I love socialising and planning events, so I decided after doing the PR position last year to throw my hat in for the social secretary. Myself and my wonderful Vice-social Mauragh have some exciting plans, but you’ll just have to wait and see.

HC: We can’t wait! We hope you’ve been enjoying your summer, have you been up to anything interesting?

Amy: I really didn’t do much this summer other than relaxing and working, all in all it was a nice quiet summer.

HC: All good things must come to an end, and the end of summer starts with going back to university. Any advice for newcomers coming to Aberdeen University?

Amy: My advice is to join societies or sports clubs. It will expand your social group and it’s always great to meet new people. HCAU really helps if you’re feeling lonely: you always have a big group of gals there to help you out and are always up for a good laugh. Joining a society really has made my uni experience all the better and I always encourage anyone to join.

 We’ve got a few quick-fire questions for you; we hope you are ready!

Dinner OR Drinks?


Favourite Movie?

Legally blonde

Main meal OR Dessert?

Definitely dessert, I have the sweetest tooth ever

Favourite Aberdeen night out?

Crash Fridays at Underground.



All Pictures are Amy’s own.