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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Aberdeen chapter.

The UK high-street is a revolving door of weird shops. Some survive, some are simply grains of sand in our memories that we decided to reminisce on to feel something amidst a pain au chocolat! 


BHS had a bit of a weird vibe. It was dark, dingey, and always had a weird section with a bunch of those little rides you have to pay a fortune to go on. Nonetheless, she was a staple of the UK high street, and buying a funky new pair of jeans from their Tammy Girl line was always a highlight. Sure, it was overpriced, but it was fun! 


Woolworths sold EVERYTHING. Pick n’ Mix? New rucksack? Gloves? DVD’s? Phone charger? It had it all! Even better – The Big W (a bigger version of Woolworths) was a whole day out! There was nothing you couldn’t get in Woolies! 


Before Morrisons, we had Safeways. Although she tried to make her re-appearance, she unfortunately flopped. Lucy has one memory of Safeways – a very good packet of tomato ketchup crisps. 


A recent grave has been laid for Debenhams. Although all of their shops were ugly, something about the vibes in Debenhams were unmatched. Whether it was the cafe, the endless choice of shoes, or the ugly tile flooring, Debenhams was a pretty funky department shop. RIP. 

Thomas Cook 

Need a holiday brochure? Go to Thomas Cook! Whether it was Disneyland Florida or a week in the Algarve, Thomas Cook offered us so much – the world! 

Toys R Us 

This one still hurts. Smyths is dirt on the bottom of our shoes in comparison to Toys R Us. There was nothing she couldn’t do.  


Jenners was an Edinburgh-based department store, and we miss her greatly already. Although a little Tory-ish, she was an Edinburgh staple! Also – the Harrods floor was simply fantastic and will be missed. 


Something about buying the new One Direction album from HMV hit differently! She was endless aisles of overpriced listening and film-watching possibilities.  


Fact: Poundworld was superior to Poundland. She felt slightly more classy and had a much nicer colour scheme. RIP x 

Basically, capitalism is hard. At least we have B&M and Home Bargains left to bring us joy! Idiot not approved: We miss Toys R Us x 

Lucy Clarkson

Aberdeen '21

Poltitics & Sociology student
Iona Hancock

Aberdeen '22

PGDE Primary 21/22 @ Aberdeen 1st Class Honours in Politics and IR @ Aberdeen