Top 5 Halloween Costumes Inspired by Film and TV.

Halloween hits you as soon as you step out the door. You probably have received loads of party invitations but lacking inspiration for what to wear. Well, don’t worry, Her Campus has got you covered. In general, films and TV series are a great way to find your inspiration in your style and the same goes for a great Halloween costume. So, these are the top five characters you could channel for Halloween.


#1 Penelope

Set in London, the story is a modern fairy-tale romance. It’s the story about a woman who’s been cursed with the nose of a piglet and is looking for true love to break the curse. Penelope has a very playful style and decides later at the end of the movie to work as a primary school teacher. This outfit could spice up your wardrobe if you dream of becoming a teacher one day





#2 Alice from Alice in Wonderland



Maybe as a child, you have always dreamt of following the adventures of Alice. Tim Burton portrays a much older Alice in his movies and he found the perfect actress for his project: Mia Wasikowska! If you loved the movies and her dresses, and you don’t mind being called mad, then you should show off your magic as Alice from Wonderland.


#3 Sabrina Spellman from Sabrina: The Teenage Witch

Sabrina The Teenage witch is perfect for anyone who wants to dress up as a witch with a nineties twist!


#4 Queen Mary Stuart from Reign


For those who love the TV Show Reign or just love history then why not go as Scotland’s own Queen Mary for Halloween!


#5 Elizabeth Swann from The Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Series

Are you seeking something a bit more adventurous this Halloween? Then shiver everyone’s timbers with an Elizabeth Swann inspired costume!




photos from Google Images