Top 10 Movies You Need to Watch this Halloween

Top 10 Movies You Need to Watch this Halloween

Autumn is the perfect season for watching movies in cosy socks, smothered in blankets, with a hot chocolate in hand. Have a look at these 10 movies, some well-known, some underrated that will be sure to get you in the Halloween spirit.

*Available on Netflix (As of October 2018)

#1 Hocus Pocus (1993) Dir. Kenny Ortega

A Halloween classic, this Disney throwback sees three young teenagers accidentally set free three witches from the Salem witch trials, and mayhem ensues. The only way they can stop the witches from becoming immortal is by stealing their spell book, with the help of a magic cat. Honestly, most people will have seen this, but you can’t make a Halloween movie list without it for fear of an uproar. And it is incredible.


#2 Monster house (2006) Dir. Gil Kenan*

As an adult, you will watch this and laugh at the jokes clearly meant to go over a child’s head, but as a kid, this would have terrified you; as described by my flatmate and I, it is a ‘children’s horror.’ The basic premise is that three preteens discover that the house across the street has a horrifying creature inside. It is up to them to destroy it before it ruins Halloween night for trick or treaters. This is such a funny and dramatic movie, and because it’s on Netflix, you’ve really no excuse.


#3 The Nightmare before Christmas, (1994) Dir. Henry Selick

Is it a Halloween movie, is it for Christmas? I don’t know, all I know is that it’s amazing. The iconic songs and the haunting love story between main character Jack and forlorn Franken-girl Sally is wrapped up in Christmas lights and served with jack-o-lanterns, making for an interesting and comedic watch. Who doesn’t love Jack Skeleton?!


#4 Haunted Mansion (2004) Dir. Rob Minkoff

A true classic that is highly underrated – the peak of Eddie Murphy’s career. After his wife accuses him of ignoring his children, Jim Evers (Eddie Murphy) takes them on a holiday, stopping at a dark and mysterious house. However, within the house and its grounds are a whole host of scary creatures ready to haunt the family. This film is an absolute classic and I urge everyone to watch it this Halloween.


#5 The Corpse Bride (2005) Dir. Tim Burton, Mike Johnson

This is perhaps a more abstract choice, but there is no greater excuse than Halloween to watch all the creepy Tim Burton classics. While practicing his vows for an arranged wedding main character Victor accidentally proposes to the half-dead Emily, who drags him to the land of the dead. A lot of Jazz hands and sad piano later Victor makes it above ground to stop Emily marrying a nasty villain. My absolute favourite.


#6 The Boy (2016) Dir. William Brent Bell*

I watched this recently with a few of my flatmates and the plot twist at the end had us sitting in shock for twenty minutes. Even later that night, around 1am, I got a message from one of them who had researched the story to try and get her head around it. It really is that good. Greta, an American visiting the UK to get away from an abusive ex, takes a job as a nanny looking after an 8-year-old boy. However, once she arrives at the boy’s house, she realises he is a doll and not actually human. The events that follow are scary, suspensive and shocking. Well worth a watch.


#7 Don’t Knock Twice (2016) Dir. Caradog W. James*

While I will admit the acting in this is lacking at times, the jumps scares, storyline, and general creepiness make up for it. In short, this movie centres around a mother estranged from her only daughter, who finds herself being targeted by a demonic witch. Scary, tense, thrilling, its perfect for a horror night with your mates.


#8 Hush (2016) Dir. Mike Flanagan*

I have only watched this recently but it has become one of my favourite suspense/thrillers. A deaf writer, who lives in solitude, is put through a night of hell when a masked man appears at her window. The acting in this is incredible and the addition of a deaf main character adds an extra dimension that doubles tension.


#9 IT (2017) Dir. Andrés Muschietti

Based on Stephen Kings ‘IT’ and the subsequent miniseries, seven young kids are subjected to the wrath of an ancient, shape-shifting demon that takes the shape of a clown. This is another one of my favourites, terrifying but with a good message throughout, plus you can’t go wrong with a scary clown during Halloween.


#10 Get Out (2017) Dir. Jordan Peele

This mystery thriller from director Jordan Peele sees an interracial couple navigate meeting the parents for the first time. At first, main character Chris sees the family as overly-accommodating due to the interracial aspect of the relationship, however, he soon finds out this is not the case. This film is innovative and stands out from others. It is really worth the watch.


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