TedX University of Aberdeen

Recently the University of Aberdeen hosted its very own TEDx event – an independently organised TED event. For those who don’t know, TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) is ‘a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas’, set up in 1984. TED and TEDx talks happen globally, and are recorded then put on the TED YouTube channel which is free for anyone to watch. Currently, there are over 1,000 talks available covering an enormous range of subjects, meaning that there is something there for everyone. The talks are even split up into handy playlists so you can find the subject that appeals to you faster. There’s even playlists for the most popular talks. These talks and playlists range from things like ‘the dark side of data’ to ‘unexpected lion stories’, just waiting for you to go and watch!

            The great thing about the talks is that they are free, accessible, and cover so many varied topics. This means that you can pursue an interest and watch talks about things you have already looked into, expanding your knowledge in a certain area. Or you can take a dive in and watch talks about subjects and ideas you know nothing about – most talks you don’t need much prior knowledge to understand. The best part about this is it allows anyone anywhere with an internet connection access to, as TED calls them, ‘ideas worth spreading’. And with all this information packed into talks roughly twenty minutes long, what’s not to love? TED talks are presented by people who are outstanding in their field, meaning that not only are you are hearing from people working hard and love what they do, but who are also at the front of their field, with potentially cutting edge research and ideas.

            TEDx at the University of Aberdeen’s event focused on reframing and shifting perspectives, with talks from six different speakers covering six very different topics. The subject matter ranged from how oil prices are set and manipulated, to how we make connections matter, to investing in communities in a way that gets the most benefit for all involved, to the incredible power of shifting how you think. The event took place right in the heart of the university itself, in the Kings College Conference Centre, on February 12th. The speakers at the event were Toni Fisher on learning macrocosmically, Emre Usenmez on the manipulation of oil prices, Dr. Tania Fahey-Palmer on making connections matter, Ian Marr on investing in communities, Erika Grant on the pressures of responsibility, and Tharaka Guarathne on the power of shifting the way we think. These excellent speakers all presented their ideas to a one hundred people strong audience, spreading their ideas. Keep an eye out on the TEDx University of Aberdeen Facebook page for the upcoming videos of the event if you missed it: https://www.facebook.com/TEDxUniversityOfAberdeen/timeline

            So if TED talks sound like something you would be interested in (and let’s be honest, there’s probably at least one that would appeal!), then head on over to their YouTube channel and start learning: