Technology We Wish Existed

At the beginning of the 1900s, our ancestors thought that we would live on the moon by the year 2000 (!) however as we can see, we still live on planet earth and we haven’t got quite that far yet. We have however invented some incredible technologies which now seem irreplaceable. Computers, smartphones, tablets and even MRI machines used in medical treatments, are now necessary to survive in this world. Still despite all the technological advancements there are still certain things that we at Her Campus wish existed! Some of the suggestions might be over the top, but as Albert Einstein once said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” So yes, we used our imagination for this list!

A shower with a dryer:

Wouldnt it be far less time-consuming to get your hair dried immediately after the shower, but you wouldnt have to step out because the drying happens IN the shower? Very useful and would shave off a massive part of your morning routine!

Music in the swimming pool:

I have an MP3 player which you can use whilst swimming. Its safe, but its very annoying because if water enters your headphones the sound is distorted and you have to wash out the water from the headphones. So it would be great if we could have some underwater music while were swimming - or maybe Apple will create the next best iPod for these leisure activities!

A multi-functional laptop:

Imagine your laptop could even be used as a scanner and printer - all in one! The devices would be, of course, well integrated and your laptop would still look like a laptop and be as easy to carry as they are now. Are we asking too much?

Flying cars:

Flying cars appear in Sci-Fi novels and movies, but sadly not in real life (HC wishes that Back to the Future had got more right!). It would cause less traffic jams in metropolitan cities if we could just drive through the air and travel times would be lessened.

Time machines:

I have a friend who had a strong focus on science at high school. She explained to me that in our time it would be impossible to create time machines, but it could become real in the distant future. Think of the movie A.I Artificial Intelligence? Imagine!

A cosmetic MP3-Player

Not only can you use your MP3 player for listening to music, but you could look into the mirror and put your make up on. Brushes, mascara, eye shadow, powder are all on the other side of the machine when you open it- this is DEFINITELY something we want! The perfect getting ready for a night out kit… does it have a wine holder too?

Electronic planners:

Your electronic planner is similar to a computer and a smartphone, because it can tell you when your next appointment is or where your lecture is. However, this planner can speak to you and is always automatically updated without you having to put the appointment it… it just knows!

Lipsticks as flashlights:

The light is better than your smartphone, more compact and best of all it is also a handy addition to your make up bag! Keeps you safe and pampered.

A nutrition analyser:

Eating healthy is so important, but how can we find out whether we have taken enough vitamins or should leave the cake on the plate? This analyser would be very handy. You just have to scan your food with your smartphone, which will calculate the levels of various elements consumed, and you will immediately get a full nutrition and meal plan tailored to your taste!

The All-In-One Washing Machine

This washing machine doesnt only separate delicates and white clothes from dark clothes, but it also is a dryer and ironing machine at the same time. It would only take about three hours to get your clothes clean, fresh, ironed and ready to put on!


Maybe it won't be too long in the future before we see these inventions arriving in our shops!