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It’s time we learnt to stop judging everyone.


People need to stop judging everyone. In my late teenager years, I realised that people really need to stop judging others due to so many reasons. If I could name all of the reasons we would be here for a very long time. But in my opinion these are some of the most important reasons people need to stop judging:

  1. It isn’t anyone’s business but the person/people it involves. You might feel like you are judging them for their own good and want to help them but if a person needs help they usually ask and even if they haven’t asked yet give them time and they will.
  2. No-one has any right to judge others because none of us are the perfect person and that’s okay! But it is important that you don’t make someone feel guilty because of who they are.
  3. Unless mutants really do exist, no-one is a mind reader. No one can understand what a person is going through and sometimes the best thing to do is respect what is happening and just let them know you’ll be there for them when they need it.



There’s an infamous saying that quotes: ‘people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’. The saying itself means that you should not criticize other people for bad qualities in their character that you have yourself. I think people do this more often than they would like to admit, a lot of the times many fingers are pointed while commenting and critiquing what the said person has done and when they are home and behind their locked door they do the exact thing themselves but make up excuses for it that somehow excludes themselves from their own critiques.




This is also mentioned in the Holy Bible. according the Gospel of John. The Pharisees brought a woman charged with adultery before Jesus. They reminded Jesus that under the Mosaic Law adultery was punishable by stoning, attempting to discredit him so they could claim he was not the saviour if he turned around and let her be stoned. So they asked Jesus to judge the woman. However, Jesus replied: “Go ahead and stone her because that is what the Law requires. But the Law also requires that the first stone be thrown by a person who is sinless in connection with this charge” (John 8:6–7). It is a reminder that we should not judge others unless we have searched our own conscious to make sure that we are pure in every aspect.

Some judging isn’t as serious as others but at the end of the day: you’re still judging and what does it actually gain you? You’ve basically just formed an opinion about someone based on one thing. I doubt that one aspect of that person truly describes who they are. So to wrap this big topic up, I just ask you next time you find yourself judging someone about anything have a little think about this article.



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