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Songs That Make You Feel Like the Main Character

Every occasion in your life deserves an indie film-esque musical montage.

Mardy Bum – The Artic Monkeys

For the opening scene, there’s flashes of Converse running on concrete, hair flying wildly, and a montage of your morning, fast paced and constantly moving. The camera is focused on your life, as it should be.

Falling Asleep at the Wheel – Holly Humberstone

For when you realise the love interest intended for you makes you throw up in your mouth and you decide to never speak to him again.

Volcanic Love – The Aces

For when it’s the first date with the friend that, 6 months ago, you wouldn’t have dreamed of in a romantic way, yet here you are, bundled in layers of the cosy materials of your jumper and jacket as you wander the streets you grew up in, finally seeing them in a different light.

Electric Love – BORNS

For the day you decide to spend all alone, but not lonely. Headphones in, you wander, slowly become more at peace with being by yourself. By the end of the song you are skipping, running even, through your local town, going into shops you can’t afford, eating overpriced food from independent cafés and realising you got this.

Golden – Harry Styles

For when you and your best friend decide to take a break from the madness and run around the beach for a few therapeutic hours. The sun makes the water sparkle, your cheeks hurt from smiling and your breath is taken away from you in joyous waves as you run barefoot.

It’s Not Living (If it’s Not with You) – The 1975

For when you decide to take a spontaneous but important road trip across the country to try and save a friend moving away for university from a life of sadness. You belt the lyrics as cars scream past and when you arrive you feel invigorated to make a change in someone’s life, no matter how small. 

Strawberry Blonde – Mitski

For when you’re on a camping trip and the grass is tall and sprawling in the field beside where attempt to pitch the tent. During the day, you spend time wandering, running, through the forest nearby, paying particular attention to the hum of wildlife at work, and the way the sun through the thick cover of trees leaves a warm speckled pattern across you and the nature around you.

Undrunk – Fletcher

For when you're crying in your tiny, rented apartment, wishing you could go back and fix it.

Juice – Lizzo

For when your friends decide you need a glow up and proper night out. This song blasts as you all scramble to pour wine, or badly mixed cocktails, and dress for the occasion – bright, colourful and slightly outlandish.

Light on – Maggie Rogers

For the end credits. As the words roll upwards across the screen, there is a sense of accomplishment, positivity and security. All is well.

Iona Hancock

Aberdeen '22

PGDE Primary 21/22 @ Aberdeen 1st Class Honours in Politics and IR @ Aberdeen
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