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Profile: Miss Lucy Campbell!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Aberdeen chapter.

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing one of HC’s own and a very close friend of mine, the gorgeous Lucy Campbell!

Name: Lucy Campbell

Age: 21

Hometown: Glasgow

Degree: Legal Studies and Politics


HC: Hey gal! So you’ve just finished the first semester of your third year, how did you find it?

LC: I would say it has been slightly less stressful than previous years, mainly because I only have 5 hours of classes per week! Although I think that has made me slightly complacent this year, and I definitely need to work harder on the whole “self-study” part of uni that all my lecturers keep rabbiting on about…


HC: We know how you feel! Seeing as you’ve been at uni for a few years now, what do you think is the best thing about it?

LC: The best thing is probably the amount of great friends you make. Whether it’s through your class, a university society, or a part time job, I think you have the potential to make friends for life whilst at uni. Plus you get to have some hilarious nights out!


HC: We totally agree! And the worst?

For me personally, it would be trying to juggle so many things at once. Having loads of coursework to do while also having two jobs, going to society training sessions or events, PLUS having to do real grown up things like food shops, cooking, laundry and housework! THEN at the end of all that you have the dreaded exams, which are by far the worst part of being at uni! It’s difficult having all that to cope with especially when you have such a wonderful social life to keep up with, much like mine…


HC: You’re definitely a busy lady! When you do have some down time, what is your favourite thing to do in Aberdeen?

LC: It would have to be going to a nice café for afternoon tea. There’s nothing I love more than catching up with some friends over some tea, sandwiches and cakes!! My favourite places to go to would be Cocoa Ooze and Cup, and there are also some great cafés in Aberdeen that I have yet to try!


HC: What’s the worst thing you’ve done at on one of your nights out?

LC: I think overall I’ve been fairly well behaved… Although I mayyy have been slightly naughty and poured a full VK over some random person’s head one night in Underground, for no reason other than I thought he accidently spilled a tiny bit on me (if you’re reading this, I am SO sorry!!) His friend got me back though, and poured all of her VK over my head (you go girl), so I think it’s fair to say I’ve learned my lesson!! Moral of the story: Don’t pour VKs over people’s heads.


HC: Haha we’ll definitely take that advice! Did you make any New Years resolutions this year?

LC: I would really like to build up my health and fitness in the New Year. I think you definitely feel better all-round if you have a healthy diet and exercise regularly. I’m pretty sure this was my New Year’s resolution last year, so the fact that I’m using it again for this New Year probably isn’t a good sign!


HC: That’s always a good one, what’s something that you achieved in 2015 that you’re really proud of?

LC: The fact that I made it to the age of 21 without my liver failing on me is an achievement in itself! But all jokes aside, it would have to be my time working at an American summer camp for 3 months. I met so many wonderful people, learned new skills, and hopefully made a difference to some kids’ summers this year!

HC: I’m sure you did! So finally for the big question: who’s you’re celeb crush?

LC: Now this is a tough one… My list has grown a fair amount over the years, and it started off with Orlando Bloom back when I was around 12 years old. These days I am enjoying the view from people like Chris and Liam Hemsworth, Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling, Jon Bon Jovi (yes, even now at the age of 53), but my true crush will always be Simon Neil. He is everything I need in life.


Thank you so much, Lucy, and we’re so glad you’re a part of HC!

Laura Rennie is currently a fifth year Diploma in Legal Practice student at the University of Aberdeen. After four years studying in the Granite City she couldn't quite drag herself away from it so decided to stick around for one more year. Previously a features writer and secretary of Her Campus Aberdeen when it was founded, she is now very excited to be captaining the little pink ship this year. She loves cups of tea, fairy lights, musicals, trashy TV and is a blogger and member of Her Campus Blogger Network in her spare time.