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Plus size fits for Love on Tour

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The night before I landed tickets for Harry Styles's Love on Tour in Glasgow, I genuinely had multiple anxiety dreams of losing out of tickets and falling into a deep, deep sadness. So when my best friend scream-texted she had got us pit tickets the relief I felt was immense - I was on top of the world!  

But then, the dread set in, what on EARTH was I going to wear? These tour dates are essentially fashion shows with a bit of dancing in the middle and I knew I would have to dress to impress. However, as a plus size woman I worried my options would be limited and subpar – and so, I give you a collection of links and ideas for the plus size babes aiming for some eye contact with the fruit man himself.  


When I think of Harry, and I do most days, I think of colour, light and cute patterns, so these dresses are sure to make your venue sparkle!  

  1. This cloud print is so dreamy, and after gluing a few rhinestones on you’d be ready to dance the night away. This dress also comes with a matching Jacket and  Shoulder bag.  
  1. Despite being all black, this fully sequined number is just to die for, and with some  funky coloured accessories this could be a very glamorous fit. 
  1. If warm tones are your thing, this Yin and Yang inspired dress is such a vibe it actually makes me feel a little jealous of anyone who owns it.  


If dresses aren’t your thing, you can't really go wrong with jeans and a nice top.  

  1. Let’s face it, it’s gonna be a hot and sweaty night, so something light and airy would be the perfect option 
  1. Corset tops are always going to be the vibe, and I love the feminine energy of the sleeves of this top
  1. I am obsessed with the colour match of  this top to Mr Styles ‘pleasing’ hot pink nail polish.   


Sometimes all you need is a fancy flare to have a good time.  

  1. I don’t know why, but the thought of wearing a skinny jean to Love on Tour seems blasphemous, so I love these gorgeous Lucy and Yak wide leg jeans for a very ‘styles’ look.  
  1. This metallic trouser absolutely floored me when I first saw it, I have never been the same since.  


Now, this is when things get real. In an ideal world I’d love to wear platform heels to complete my look, but then my feet would die and I would probably lose a few toes. So I suggest wearing your comfiest shoes you own. At a stretch, I would recommend cowboy boots but I would buy them well in advance so you have the time to really break them in.  

I can’t wait to look like a goddess at my show, and hopefully this little guide will have helped you decide what you will look like while dancing under the canyon moon.  

Iona Hancock

Aberdeen '22

PGDE Primary 21/22 @ Aberdeen 1st Class Honours in Politics and IR @ Aberdeen
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