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I would forgive you if you have no idea who, or even, what a Gigi Hadid is. But before you know it, you will be seeing her name everywhere you go and eventually, like most HC Aberdeen girls you too will be obsessed by all things Gigi. We thought it only right to compile a list of why we love her and to convince you why she should definitely be your girlcrush and #wcw every week this year. 


  1. According to scientists, the more symmetrical your face, the more beautiful you are perceived to be. We’re just going to leave this photo here for you to ponder… 







  1. Rumour has it that she is/ has been dating Zayn Malik. Other rumours have included Prince Harry as a past bf. We are all for Gigi as the new Kate Middleton.  








  1. She won a TV cooking show, Masterchef, and raised $25,000 for a charity, that supports lyme disease. Truly inspiring us HC girls to organise another of our famous charity bake sales.  







  1. THAT cover for French Vogue. Need we say more?  




  1. She starred in the ‘Bad Blood’ music video, which means that she is in  

Taylor Swift’s girl gang. Other friends include Karlie Kloss, Lily Aldridge and of course Kendall Jenner.  






  1. And if we didn’t convince you that Gigi is the girl you aspire to be friends  

with this year, feel free to dote on her beaut sister Bella Hadid. We won’t take it personally as we think she is just as fabulous. 








Happy Gigi stalking, HCXO. 


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