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New Year, SAME Me

With the new year upon us, I’m sure we’ll all have followed tradition and set ourselves a resolution for the year ahead.

“I’m going to get in shape”

“I’m going to get up early everyday”

“I’m going to quit smoking”

“I’m going to change my bedding every week”

“I’m going to do the housework on a regular basis”

We have spent the last few years focusing on how we, as women, are good enough, how we should be positive and encouraging, real and confident. Yet when January comes along we do a 180 and place ourselves under this impression that all our efforts haven’t been good enough and we have to change something about ourselves in order to validate the new year that lies ahead. With this modern-day obsession of having to better ourselves all the time I can’t help but wonder are we setting ourselves up to fail?

Yes, we all start out with good intentions; we bin the cigarettes, lock up the chocolate, purchase a gym membership, and buy ourselves a juicer. But just like the end of dry January, after playing the part of something we’re not, by February 1st there we are, in the pub, drinking a pint and ready to continue the rest of our year the same way we have every other. The gym cards end up in the back of our wallets, the juicers in the back of the cupboard, the vacuum returns to the corner of the garage, and the bedding… well it smells okay for just one more week.

So while I can’t deny that everyone has room for improvement in their life and everyone has to start somewhere, I am officially shunning the concept of new years resolutions on the grounds that it adopts the lax ‘I’ll start on Monday’ attitude. If we really have a dream, a vision, or a goal why do we have to wait until January to set ourselves up to achieve it? Aren’t we all on some level always reaching for something new? Life is a marathon not a sprint, so stop convincing yourself that you need instant reform in order to achieve anything in 2019. Because lets face it: January is only one month of twelve!

Stop trying to be good enough cause we are already fabulous!

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Shannon is a fourth year history student studying at the University of Aberdeen. When she isnt in class or working as a waitress, you can find her walking the dogs around the country, trying out new dinner recipes or scrolling endlessly through ASOS. Find her on Instagram: Shannyd100
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