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Netflix has provided the opportunity for more and more women to showcase their comedic talents. Here are some recommendations of some of the best comedy specials by female performers available on the platform: 

  1. Ali Wong — Hard Knock Wife 

Ali Wong is a critically acclaimed comedian, known for bringing fresh perspectives into the industry. She’s also freakin’ hilarious! This special follows her debut in “Baby Cobra” (also a must watch). She discusses topics, such as pregnancy and motherhood, her husband, and the making of her movie “Always Be My Maybe” (again, a must-watch). Note: Her style of comedy is very graphic, so maybe don’t watch this with your parents!  

  1. Iliza Schlesinger — Confirmed Kills 

Iliza Schlesinger has a variety of funny specials on Netflix, although this one stands out to this author. Her takes on girls’ night out, sexism, and Shark Tank are quick and accurate, made even better by her incorporation of elements of physical comedy.  

  1. Amy Schumer — Growing 

Amy Schumer is an established comedian with a notable (often polarizing) personal style. In this, her most recent special, she re-emerges, on the way to motherhood, with new topics and a fresh edge. She discusses her pregnancy and her marriage while maintaining her signature whit and realness.  

  1. Katherine Ryan — Glitter Room 

Katherine Ryan, a regular on British panel shows, demonstrates her stand-up chops in “Glitter Room”. She covers personal topics such as single-motherhood with biting accuracy and humor. Her interactions with the audience are a highlight in this special.  

  1. Nikki Glaser  — Bangin’ 

Nikki Glaser, known for her unforgiving roasts of other performers, enters the Netflix area with this explicit series of takes on life and love. Her unfiltered style of comedy is as shocking as it is funny. Note: As mentioned, much of this special centers on sex, so if that’s not your thing, you may want to skip this one.  

  1. Michelle Buteau — Buteaupia  

Michelle Buteau is downright hysterical. “Buteaupia” has her discussing her family (some great moments with her husband and twins are highlights), her upbringing, and other hot takes on life. Her inherent self-confidence is a particularly refreshing part of this special.  

  1. Fortune Feimster — Sweet & Salty 

Fortune Feimster’s debut special is full of hilarious personal anecdotes, many centered around growing up in the southern part of the U.S.. Her refusal to take herself too seriously makes this special a delightful, fast-paced watch.  

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