My Top 6 inspirational Women

My top 6 inspirational women

#1 Carrie Hope Fletcher

At only 26 years old, Carrie is a huge success. She has an amazing acting career as well as a YouTube career and is also a number one bestselling author. Carrie lets her subscribers follow her around her daily life within theatre and writing, inspiring them. For being so young, Carrie has had an immensely successful career. Carrie is a kind-hearted soul who tries to promote body positivity, equality and preaches kindness. As a shy teenager myself, Carrie’s influence in my life encouraged me to feel confident in who I was and look more for the good in the bad. She also inspired me by having such a great career at such a young age, as she made my young self think that anything was possible and that if I worked hard, I could achieve anything that I wanted.


#2 Carrie Fisher

What can I even say about Carrie Fisher? She was an insanely talented woman. Growing up, I loved watching Carrie in Star Wars as the princess who didn’t really need saving and who also managed to lead an entire rebellion. Carrie’s role in Star Wars was monumental for women everywhere. The typical damsel in distress cliché was broken by Carrie as she brought Princess Leia to life. Her open-ness towards talking about her Bipolar Disorder and drug use was amazing considering how taboo those topics still were at the time. I believe that her openness and epic portrayal of Princess Leia created a turning point in the production business for many women.


#3 P!nk

I’ve been a huge fan of P!nk from a very young age and she has always been a strong character. From her rebellious attitude to her unique fashion sense, she has always been unapologetically herself and radiates confidence and fierceness. She broke boundaries with her music and has one of the most amazing voices ever. She also works closely with loads of charities for men, women, children and also for animals. Her influence from a young age has always given me someone to look up to and strive to be like, because she’s just so genuine and kind - but also one of the fiercest women in the public eye.


#4 Reese Witherspoon

Not only did she portray the fabulous Elle Woods, who taught us to never let ourselves be underestimated, she also started her own producing company, sourcing strong female-led movies. If you haven’t yet listened to her speech called “What do we do now?” I recommend it for everyone. She is actively involved in women’s and children’s charities, aiming to make life better and easier for them. Reese strives for female empowerment and encourages us to be bold, no matter what.


#5 Bette Midler

This woman brought characters to life like the wretched Winifred In Hocus Pocus and the talented CC Bloom in Beaches. She has such a huge heart, having helped many charities in her lifetime, one of which she helped set up after 9/11 for wounded service members and their families. Bette is such a strong voice among women. Her Twitter is hilarious because she is so unapologetically blunt and forward with her opinions and she makes me feel like anyone can have a voice.


#6 Meryl Streep

Who doesn’t absolutely love the queen that is Meryl Streep? Her singing voice is beautiful and her portrayal of Donna in Mamma Mia! Is to die for. I wish more than anything that I will look half as good as her, when I’m in my late sixties. When I think of Meryl, I think of her voice and the fact that she has done so much to help others. Not only is she a spokesperson for the National Woman’s History Museum, she also helped to set up and fund a scriptwriting programme for women over forty. Meryl is such a wonderful voice and strives for equality for everyone.

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