My Reaction To The New Season Of Doctor Who

My reaction to the new season of Doctor Who

I have been a huge fan of Doctor Who from a young age, along with my younger brother, and this has been the most excited and most anticipatory I have been for a season opener.

Can I just say, first of all, WOW! We FINALLY have a FEMALE doctor! My inner child is bursting with excitement by the idea that I don’t just have to be the companion anymore, I can actually be the Doctor! No matter how amazing Amy Pond or Sarah-Jane was, and no matter how much I loved having a Sonic Lipstick, I have absolutely no shame in admitting that, even at 19, I will be prancing around and taunting my younger brother because I finally get to be the Doctor and he has to be my Bradley Walsh companion.

Jodie Whittaker has absolutely shocked me with her acting abilities. After only seeing one episode, her portrayal of the doctor is truly mind-blowing and I don’t think there could have been a better person for the role. As well as having a strong female lead, the cast is also very diverse, containing men and women of colour, different ethnicities and disabilities.

The actual episode was the best Doctor Who season opener I have ever seen. My flatmate and I were on the edge of the sofa, screaming at the TV and grasping onto each other for support when we got excited. The first episode has drama, action, and even heartbreak on top of the overall fierceness of the episode. We genuinely got emotional and even cried at some parts.

Please Ignore our ugly crying faces, we were distraught.

The change of composer for the show’s music was also a great creative decision because we get the classic and iconic Doctor Who music with a modern twist. The forward-thinking changes have truly inspired what looks to be a very special season, and I for one, have never been more excited. And I can confirm that it is Flat 31D approved