My 5 Top Beauty Bargains for Students

There’s nothing I love more than getting glammed up with the girls for a night out in the ‘Deen. Although looking good can be expensive, if you look towards high street chains, it doesn’t have to break the bank.


#1 MAC Strobe Cream


    £12 for 30ml or £40 for 100ml

This little beauty is a 3-in-1, it can be used as a moisturiser, primer, and highlighter. It creates a naturally dewy look on the skin if applied as a primer, and helps make your makeup last longer – all whilst protecting your pores! Applying it on top of your makeup helps enhance a “glowy” look further and allows for your skin to highlight key points when catching the light for a natural highlight. As a moisturiser, it contains so much goodness with doses of vitamins and green tea which work to brighten your skin. The best thing is - you only need a drop! This product really does last a long time so it is definitely worth investing in.


#2 Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation



This foundation is unreal, because it has something to offer to everyone. Whether you prefer just a little something to even out your complexion, or medium to full coverage - this has you covered! Bourjois really have stepped up their game with this product; it’s so easy to blend and leaves a natural-looking result. It also contains lots of vitamins and goji berries, so not only does it leave you looking amazing but it makes you feel amazing too. And for £10.99? Bargain!


#3 Maybelline’s Instant Eraser Concealer



It may be one of Maybelline’s best creations yet. Despite not appearing to have many shades, this concealer works so well for a variety of skin tones and types. The packaging with a roller-ball tip means no leakages which makes it perfect for taking it out-and-about with you. It also contains goji berries, ensuring your under-eyes are left looking refreshed and reenergised.


#4 Revolution’s Iconic Smokey 13G Eyeshadow Pallet



Naked pallets priced at £38.00 may remain a stretch too far for some, but this is a great dupe that can satisfy your need for a classic smoky-eyed look without leaving your purse feeling incredibly light. The pigments in this pallet are very deep and rich, making them easy to blend and get creative with. This pallet also comes with a double-ended brush included, so the application really is so easy and there is hardly any fall-out.


#5 Eyelure Volume False Lashes 101



A set of falsies can transform your face and this style is a frequent favourite - 101 possesses thickness, a tonne of volume, yet still creates a natural look. Eyelure’s lashes are known for being weightless to wear, and if looked after well, can be worn numerous times. There’s normally always a deal on with Eyelure, whether it’s buy-1-get-1-half price, or buy-2-get-1 free… so keep a look out!



It’s not hard at all to get good makeup to suit your student budget, the best way to find great products is to read up on them, watch reviews and to go shopping to have a look yourself for the best deals!