Meet Your Sabbs

Her Campus caught up with some of the newly elected sabbatical officers for 2015-16, Genna Clarke, Rory MacFarlane and Megan Burgoyne for a chat to have a teensy nosey to find out who they are what they plan on doing in their shiny new jobs!

Genna is our newly elected Student President but you may recognise that beautiful smiling face, she was also a part of AUSA last year as the President for Welfare and Equal Opportunities – sounds snazzy - Genna is clearly in the know about everything AUSA!

Originally from Rugby, Genna moved up here in 2010 to start her ABDN career and graduated in Psychology last year… you go gurl! She was a lacrosse gal in her time as a student at AU and was the 2nds captain in her fourth year. Genna also naively let us know that she loves baking, so we shall be knocking at your door in hours of needs Genna!

Genna let us know that she never really thought about being a Sabb until she was on the Welfare Committee as a Nightline representative. After enjoying leadership roles she jumped up to President for Welfare and Equal opportunities and then took a giant leap and ran for Student President which she revealed wasn’t an easy decision. After loving her job this year, Genna knows that Student President is going to be a lot of work but thinks it will be an exciting challenge and one she thinks she’ll excel in due to her previous experience.

From Genna’s manifesto she told us that one of her main aims for the year ahead is listening to and acting on students’ feedback. She told HC that is so important that students are more in AUSA’s decision making and wants to show AU students that when you speak up you can make a difference!

HC is sending you all the love and luck Genna for your challenge ahead XO


Mr Rory MacFarlane is also a face you may remember. Representing us students this year in AUSA, Rory was the Vice President for Equal Opportunities but has now been elected to be the new President – a fab achievement, I’m sure you’ll agree! Originally from Edinburgh, Rory moved up to Aberdeen to study Politics and International Relations but as he is in his third year he will be taking a year out of studying to commit to being a Sabb.

In his spare time he keeps active with going to the gym – at least one of us does Rory…  He is always keeping up to date with politics but let slip that he is often found on a Wednesday night in our dearest Institute – we can only assume with a cheeky blue VK.  However at the weekends he likes to escape the Granite City and disappears to visit family and friends in London or just a night out in Glasgow – those blue VKs again?!

Rory wanted to become a Sabb because of his previous experience as Vice President for Equal Opportunities. In that role he was able to see the amazing work that the Sabbs do and was inspired to do similar exceptional work.

One of Rory’s aim for next year is to engage more students in the work that AUSA do. He believes that many students don't know what work AUSA does and how easy it is to get involved. Rory feels that people in sports teams and societies don't realise they're involved in AUSA but reveals that he thinks that it is partly AUSA’s fault for not helping students realise the power of the students association.

Well Rory, an even bigger AUSA presence would be fab and we can’t wait to see what you can do! Best of luck from all of HCXO

Our final catch-up is with Megan Burgoyne, who is the newly elected Sports President for 2015-16! At only 22 Miss Meg has completed her Honours Law Degree and is currently tackling a Masters in International Law and International Relations (quite a mouthful) so this Sabb to be is a busy one. Also a Lacrosse gal, Megan has been the President for the AU Women’s Lacrosse Club from 2013-2015 but has also trained and played for Scottish National Lacrosse Squad… woweee! So unsurprising, Megan is a proud recipient of University Full Blues. So Miss Burgoyne meets all the pre-requisites for Sports Pres but what does she have planned?

Megan feels that the job of President of Sport is a really exciting position for someone who loves sport and is passionate about how sport and club opportunities enhances student life. The university is moving into an exciting era of sporting development and Megan really wanted to be involved in all that is going on and be the representative for student needs.  As Sports Sabb Megan will get to work with all levels of sporting students from those at participation level through to competitive levels, right up to elite athletes. It’s such an amazing opportunity and suits Miss Meggy B to a T.

Megan claims that the sporting community here at AU is arguably the largest and most active collective body of students!  AU proudly has over 50 clubs and thousands of students actively involved in sport and physical activity every week, all year long.  Megan couldn’t be more thrilled and proud to be the person working with and helping manage this student community at the University of Aberdeen. 

Megan thinks that it is very important to put the needs of clubs and students involved in sport and physical activity at the forefront of all her work during her term. She aims to best represent their needs and wishes when changes or plans are being made by the university. Megan plans to work to increase involvement in participation sport and physical activity and hopes to engage the wider student community through fun projects and intermural opportunities.

Well this sounds like such a great plan Megan. HC can’t wait to get more involved in sports – we’ll get our trainers to the ready! Best of luck from the HC gals! XO