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Make Way For RHQ!

This week I sat down with one of our amazing co-Presidents to ask her about all things HC and her plans for after uni! Rach is studing English and Politics, hoping to graduate this year and is passionate about pugs, pizza and Bruce Springsteen. Read on to find out what she had to say…

HC: So, RHQ, as you’re a founding collegiette of Her Campus Aberdeen, can you please tell us your favourite HC memory so far? That’s if it’s even possible to pick just one!

RHQ: Oh god! Such an impossible question! It’s so corny, but whenever the whole society is together at an event or a social, mixing and having fun with each other it’s just the best feeling. It feels like making a memory every time! My favourite moment though has to be looking around at one of the first meetings we had and realising that Her Campus Aberdeen was real. It was such a feeling of accomplishment (and still is!) for me and for Rhona as well (hey Rhonda miss you). I wanted to bring HC to Aberdeen so badly, so when it finally got here I was like OMG this has got to be the best feeling in the world. 

HC: So sweet! I have to ask, why is HC Aberdeen so important to you?

RHQ: Her Campus feels like my baby. I’m so protective over and in love with our chapter. I have to say, I feel that way because of the girls that are a part of it. Seriously, HC Abz grows and flourishes because it’s a great space for all different types of women to come together and have fun as well as creating something really amazing together. All of the (incredible) articles that we publish make me so proud, not just of HC but of the girls who write them. Lots of our writers haven’t written anything before or haven’t had the confidence to put an idea forward to be published, so when they see their articles going online and people are congratulating them and saying “I loved your article, it was so good”, it’s amazing to see. We’ve created a great creative space for women on campus to have their opinions heard, valued and validated. That’s why HC is so important to me.

HC: When you’re not doing things HC related or reading Keats, what do you do to relax?

RHQ: I have the best job in the world as an after school nanny, and I absolutely love it. Being at work might not count as relaxing (especially when there are four kids involved…), but that’s where I spend most of my free time. When I’m not at work though I like to draw, scrapbook, knit, trawl Pinterest (shamelessly planning my wedding / adding destinations to my travel bucket list), hang out in my kitchen with my gorgeous flatmates or spend 4 hours on the phone (no joke… you should see our phone bills) with my best friend Ben. God, I’m so boring! 

HC: Are there any exciting plans for HC this year, and can you tell us anything about them?

RHQ: We’re always, always, always working on exciting things for HC. We’ve got a collaboration with a few other societies on campus coming up for Women’s History Month, as well as more general plans for the society as a whole. We’re trying so hard to make sure that next year (when all of the original members leave *cue panic attack*) the society continues to run as smoothly as it has for the past couple of years and continues to grow and develop.  

HC: So as you’re currently in your fourth year at UofA, how do you feel about graduating and do you have any advice for the youngsters out there?

RHQ: AHHHHHHHH FOURTH YEAR! Crikey, how did that happen? Honestly, I can’t wait to graduate. Uni hasn’t been the best experience for me, although I am so grateful to everybody who has helped me get to this point. Shout out to my parents and grandparents! I think the best advice I could really give anyone at uni, no matter what year they’re in, would be to just try your best. Don’t compare yourself to other people, and don’t let anyone else tell you how to be happy. Everybody at uni is doing things the best they can, so be kind to them. If you’re struggling with anything (emotionally or with uni work) please please please talk to someone. Nothing is more important than your mental state; not your grades or your degree classification… nothing. Look after yourself and look after your friends. Spread the love peeps.

HC: Okay, let’s finish this off with a quick fire round:

1) Describe yourself in 5 words.

2) What are your top three favourite songs?

3) One thing people might not know about you.

RHQ: Oh my! Right okay here goes; 

1) Silly, loving, hopeful, tall and determined.

2) Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen, Vienna by Billy Joel and then finally I’d Rather Be With You by Joshua Radin.

3) I can’t think of anything original at all! Hmmm… I’m left handed? 

Thanks for that, RHQ! Good luck with the rest of uni and for all things HC! 


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