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Loose Women

Loose Women

I don’t think there is a more perfect time to talk about my all time favourite TV guilty pleasure. Having just been crowded winner of the celebrity big brother house, Coleen Nolan is a veteran Loose Women panelist. Coleen is 1/5 of the former girl band of the 1980’s; ‘The Nolan Sisters’ and is one of the longest standing hosts of Loose Women.

Loose Women is a daytime chat show on each weekday for an hour. Each day there are four different female panelists. The combination of different panelists makes for a very different debate each day. Panelist’s range from Janet Street Porter (a 70 year old feminist activist and journalist) to Katie Price (a former page 3 model turned super mum). Women from all different walks of life and of very different ages all give unique perspectives on current global issues as well as the latest from the celebrity world.


But why do I love Loose Women so much? Its 100% the relatability of the programme and the topics they discuss. Everything from their numerous failed marriages, to health scares, to raising their children is discussed regularly. If hearing about the presenters’ personal lives doesn’t float your boat, then never fear, there is something for you too. Regular celebrity guests provide a showbiz injection into the talk show. Recent guest favourites include Eva Longoria and Karen Brady.


Most of all, the Loose Ladies of Loose Women are a fun loving bunch of friends and that is what makes the show so ‘feel good’ and a pleasure to watch.

Fast forward 15 years and hopefully we will see a HC gal on the panel of Loose Women!

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