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How You Know You Grew Up In an African Home

How You Know You Grew Up In an African Home


  1. The ice cream tub is never ice cream



  1. Exercise was not optional



  1. Religious practises are non-negotiable




  1. Sleepovers are mythical, unless they know your friends’ parents really well.




  1. “Clubbing and nights-out” are not real words




  1. Anything can be turned into a weapon for discipline matters
  1. You learn to clean before you learn to talk



  1. Your parents are technically Demi-Gods, if they say the sky is pink then the sky is pink

  1. Crying is strategic, not emotional




  1. You can’t date until you’re married




  1. Anything less than an A is a fail



  1. You’re career options are quite limited
  1. Everyone older than you is introduced as auntie or uncle



  1. Best way to commit suicide is yelling, slamming a door or rolling your eyes at your parents



  1. As an adult, you realise that your childhood would have made a really good comedy show.

Note: This article is NOT a stereotype on all African families. With such a diverse range of Africans, it’s hard to compartmentalize African characteristics into one box. This list is simply my experience and stories my friends have shared with me.



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