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Her Campus Aberdeen – Highlights of 2017/18

Her Campus Aberdeen – Highlights of 2017/18


As the year comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on the highlights of 2017/18! Here’s some of our lovely members’ favourite memories of the year:


Carly: Our post-AGM night out was definitely one of mine, but I also looooved the school girl night out last semester! 

Freya: The HC birthday party is one of mine! After putting so much into the planning it was so nice to see everyone having fun and all the HC love!

India: I actually loved the shoebox appeal, putting the boxes together with some of the girls just before Christmas was really nice.

Kitty:  I really liked doing all the stuff for the Easter Egg appeal this year!

Anette: I liked the back to school event! And our Christmas dinner was also a good night!


A massive thank you to all our members who have made this year so great! We’re going to miss all the HCAU girls leaving us this year, but we are so excited to see what next year has in store for our little pink ship! Xoxo

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Group Picture: Marcus Heyer

Holly Judge

Aberdeen '19

MA English Graduate 2018 and PGDE Secondary (English) student 2018-19. President of Her Campus Aberdeen 2018-2019
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