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HCAU’s Guide To Making High School Relationships Last

HC Guide to making high school relationships work at University


Looking back at my first year of university, I’ve lost count of the amount of times people asked me ‘How are you and your boyfriend coping now you’re at university?’  or ‘Are you still in contact with that best friend of yours? You two were joined at the hip at school!’ and honestly, these questions always baffled me. Of course I still talk to my best friend of fifteen years, I did not leave school and simply cease to acknowledge their existence, however, I understand that people do drift apart as time goes on.

Thus, cue my guide to making your high school relationships work with your brand-new university lifestyle.



1.            If you’re already planning your break-up, save yourself some time.

                First things first, there is no point putting in all the effort into keeping your relationships intact if you’re honestly just not that interested. Some people seem to ‘plan’ their break-ups for the end of the year, but if you already know you don’t want to be together, why be together at all?


2.            Balance your time.

                It’s not always possible to do everything you want to do, and spend time with everyone you’d like to see. So, balance out your time, or at least give them the odd phone call. Most importantly -  make sure to try your best to meet new people and make new friends, but don’t forget your old ones. A little text now and again goes a long way.


3.            Live separate lives.

                If you’re constantly depending on your other half, how do you expect to live yourself? Try and have your own hobbies, your own friendship circles and your own free time. Personally, I think this makes your time together as a couple or as old friends much more appreciated.


4.            Honesty is always the best policy.

                If anyone tells you anything different, they’re lying. I truly do believe your relationship (especially long distance) will not work if you’re not completely honest with each other. Be open about your new friends, your experiences and your new lifestyle - if they care about you they’ll be happy to hear your new stories and that you’re settling in.


5.            Finally, don’t feel trapped.

                Many people change and develop during their time at university. If you begin to think you want different things than you did at high school, that’s completely okay. People change, situations change and emotions change. You are the only person who can really know if it’s time to end your high school relationship.



But, don’t be put off. High school sweethearts do still exist, my parents met at sixteen and are still married today. Miracles can happen people. xo

Emily Sullivan

Aberdeen '20

Vice President at HCAU xo Anthropology student at Aberdeen University.
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