HCAU Where are They now? Tamarra Binnie

Name: Tamarra Michelle Binnie

Position on Committee: President 2017-2018, Vice President 2016-2017, Social Secretary 2015-2016, Social Team Member 2014-2015

Current Job: Probationary Primary 1 Teacher

Degree: MA Honours Education


  1. Firstly, how are you getting on? What have you been up to since leaving UoA and HCAU?

Hello! Ahhhh, it’s good to be back lemme tell ya. Blogging in this beaut pink kingdom makes me feel just like home! Since leaving the University of Aberdeen and Her Campus Aberdeen things have changed dramatically for me. No more partying on a weekday and hanging out with all of my besties every day. Life for me now consists of spending a lot more time with little people. I’m a primary one probationer and I’m absolutely loving it! I spend my days painting, teaching the children to read and write and setting up lots of different play opportunities for them all. I’m preparing for recruitment at the moment, basically meaning I’m getting ready to apply for a permanent position in my favoured council which consists of a written application, panel interview, and an observed lesson. Wish me luck!


  1. Wow, that sounds so much fun and we are sure you'll smash your interviews! What is the thing you miss the most about uni life in Aberdeen?

Ahhhhh so so much of course I miss all of my pink-lovin’ HC babes and the writers’ meetings that doubled as huge therapy sessions to share all of our varied life problems. I wish I could be teaching every day but still living with my bestie. That would be the dream. When I was a student I didn’t realise how lucky I was to always have my bestie by my side to hang out with, eat mountains of junk food and binge watch UK dramas on Netflix together. Appreciate student living whilst you have it, 6am’s and solo movies come quicker than you’d think.


  1. Okay serious question time, what do you miss most about being part of HCAU?

I miss the socials. It’s definitely a got-to-be-there kinda situation but if you’ve experienced the treasure hunt pub crawls you’ll know what I mean. I’m much too responsible and serious to delve into that these days (lol jk) x.


  1. What is your best memory of your time with HCAU?

I think the best thing I’ve taken from HCAU are all of the friends I’ve gained. My current friend group is made up of girls that were either all members of HCAU or on my university course. I think that’s the best thing about joining a society at uni. You’re much more likely to meet people with similar interests rather than just the same career hopes.


  1. What piece of advice would you give to our current members? (either about uni life or being part of HCAU?)

Enjoy it!! Party reaaaaallllly hard and worry about nothing! Just live uni life because it’ll be gone before you know it. Try not to wish it away, even if exams are around the corner because real-life troubles are a lot scarier.


  1. Finally, what would you love to see us write an article on/is there an article you never got the chance to write??

I’d love to see a dating blogger write for HCAU. I know a lot of people used to write about their dream dates or their nightmare dates and I genuinely love when an article makes you laugh out loud! Injecting a wee bit of humour into those blogs make all the difference.

Thank you so much to the pinkest of HC gals for coming out of HCAU retirement to give us this amazing profile! Good luck with everything Tamarra, lots of love from the little Pink ship! xxx


(all photos Tamarra's own)