HCAU Where are They now? Kitty Duthie

Name: Kitty Duthie

Position on Committee: PR Secretary 2017-2018, Treasurer 2016-2017

Current Job: Probationary Primary Teacher

Degree: MA Honours Education


I had the pleasure of getting the lovely Kitty to spill the beans about what she has been up to and how is her life after Aberdeen Uni!

HI! So, how have you been after your graduation?

Hello! Life has been good! I was super sad to leave Aberdeen University and Her Campus behind, but the next chapter has been really exciting for me. I’ve moved somewhere new and started working as a teacher, which had been my goal since high school and throughout University. I have a Primary 2 class, which I absolutely love. I spend my days planning activities to help them learn to read and write and, grow into lovely little people. I honestly come home every day with hilarious stories and even after just 6 months I can see how much they’ve learned and grown, so despite some stressful days I feel so lucky to be doing what I do. At the moment I’m interviewing for permanent jobs starting after the summer so I’m really excited to see where I’ll end up and what class I’ll be teaching next.


That sounds so cool, hope you get a lovely class for next year! Do you have any exciting plans for summer?

As a teacher I’m lucky to get around 6 weeks off each summer, which I feel like I’ll need after my probationary year! I’m planning on going travelling with some friends from school for a few weeks – we’re thinking Sri Lanka and then South India, which should be an adventure! I always love being home in Edinburgh for the festival too, so I’ll spend August going to shows and out with friends.

Now, what do you miss most about university and HCAU?

The thing I miss most about both uni and HCAU is seeing my friends so often. I miss living with my best friend and being in walking distance from all my other gals. Her Campus gave me so many ‘for life’ kinda friends so I miss spending time with them every week at writers meetings. We try and see each as much as possible and with the help of WhatsApp, keep in touch at pretty much all hours of the day, so still know everything about each other's lives! Her Campus taught me so much over my time at Uni – especially about friendship and how much you can learn from really listening to people stories, which I feel so lucky to have been able to do. I was a member from my first year in Aberdeen so HC always made me feel so much more at home while I was away, which is something I definitely miss. I also obviously miss a good excuse for a midweek night out, £1.50 drinks and wearing my HC jumper and pink scrunchie (may or may not still live in this combo).


Awwh, I’m so glad to hear you’re still in touch with your HC gals! What is your favourite HC memory?

I was always more into social media and organising events than writing so I loved taking on a bigger role as PR sec in my final year; running the Instagram and working with different charities. Organising all the charity events with my little team was so fun and rewarding. I think working with The Trinity Centre to collect chocolate eggs for their Easter Egg Appeal that gave to local children’s hospitals and nurseries was one of my favourite HC memories. I’m honestly so happy to see the new HCAU girls carrying on with our charity work this year!


Any tips for current students?

Enjoy it!! Spend time as much time as you can with your best friends, get involved with things on Campus and just live uni life because it’s over before you know it. Definitely keep your goals in sight and work hard but try not to worry about what you’re doing next, remember that things always work themselves out in the end.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Thanks for having me back! Xo


Kitty is a much loved and very missed member of HCAU! Everyone at the little pink ship wishes her all the best for her future adventures! xoxo

All (super cute!) pictures are Kitty’s own.