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HCAU Where are They now? India MacLean

Where are they Now? – India Maclean

This week I had the absolute pleasure of getting to catch up with one of last year’s members, India!

HC: Hey India! What have you been up to since leaving the Aberdream?

I was lucky enough to come out of university with a law traineeship with the Crown Office, however, that doesn’t start until September, so I’ve had a year to fill!  After I graduated I went to Madrid to Au Pair for the summer, and since then I have been working part-time as a nanny and part-time as an assistant at an estate agents. Completely different I know! I’m hoping to go travelling in the summer when I have saved enough pennies!

HC: OMG, that sounds amazing! What has been the best part about leaving university?

I do NOT miss exams. I know that is so cliché but having a Christmas holiday without a dissertation or hand ins is the best thing ever. I also like coming home from work at the end of the day and being able to do whatever I like instead of having to think about assessments or essays.  I also don’t miss being constantly skint!

HC: And the scariest?

This sounds so stupid, but how much everything costs! Even though I still paid bills and rent etc at uni, I was lucky that my parents could help me with some of that. You live in a bit of a money bubble at uni as you don’t have to pay council tax or full fares for a lot of stuff, and then suddenly it pops and you don’t get a student discount at Topshop and realise the cinema is like £100.

HC: The cinema is always SO expensive, even with student discount! What do you miss most about Aberdeen and HCAU? because we miss you a lot!

I miss everything about HCAU! I made some amazing friends that I still chat to every day. But I think mostly I miss the writer’s meetings- I loved hearing what everyone wanted to write about but also just loved that it was an excuse for a gossip! I miss being part of an amazing girl gang. The socials were also some of my best nights out ever. After HCAU, I probably miss Grub (Hammer of Thor panini is life), Prohibition karaoke and the beach the most!

HC: Your insta is always filled with meet-ups with university friends, HCAU gals and of course Carly. (I also love your Insta btw, it gives me life) It is actually amazing how you have managed to stay in touch with so many people! Do you have any tips or advice on how to stay friends with people after university?

Haha omg is it sad that you complimenting my insta is going to make my day?

There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t see friends, whether they are from home, university, work, anywhere. When you leave university you find out quickly who your good friends actually are and it all comes down to the effort. Be willing to travel far and wide to see your friends- everyone scatters around the country (or even world) and that £20 petrol money might seem a lot but it’s priceless when you get to giggle with your pals. Send a text every so often- it’s impossible to see all your friends all the time and it goes a long way to just check in with someone. Oh, and remember stuff! New jobs, new boyfriends, illness, birthdays- make sure you stay interested in your friends’ lives.


HC: Aw, that sounds so nice! It must be so amazing when you finally get to see the people you haven’t in a while! You and Carly lived together and were best friends, how do you cope being so far apart? (I ask for my own piece of mind because I only have a year left living with Emily, cry)

Ahh living with your friends is literally the best thing about uni and honestly, we nearly held a memorial the day we had to move out. Plus, my parents do not appreciate batch baking cookies three nights a week or me climbing into their bed to watch a documentary with a plate of chicken dippers for dinner (omg I actually might well up at this bit lol). We still see each other loads and make sure we take turns to travel to see each other (Carly lives in Glasgow and I live in Edinburgh) but we are hoping next year that our jobs will coincide and we can live together again.

HC: That would be so amazing if you got to live together again! Your flat was actually the cutest! Finally, do you have any inspirational advice for people leaving university and entering into the world of adulting?

I feel like I am still a pretend adult as I still live with my Mum and haven’t started a proper job yet, but I can try! Definitely, do not feel pressured into a graduate job because you are stressed about not having one – it’s worse to have one you hate than not have one at all. The right one will come along so just hold out. Move back home for a bit if you can. I know it can be rubbish and siblings are annoying and your Mum asks you what you’re doing every two seconds and shouts at you for leaving cups lying around but seriously, you will save some money and in the winter it will be warm and that is heaven. Never underestimate how much you need your friends. Don’t pretend you like stuff if you don’t. There is a Taylor Swift song for every mood. Don’t move for a boy unless you are sure it’ll make you happy. Buy good quality pyjamas.

Quick fire

Fave HCAU memory?

The final dinner and night out last year!

Winter or summer?

Summer- get me out of this -4 madness

Nights in or nights out?

Nights out

What are you currently reading?

And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

Fave snack food?

Apple and peanut butter- don’t judge me!


HC: It has been so good to catch up and see what you have been doing since leaving Aberdeen! We really miss everyone that left last year and wish you all the luck in the world for what’s next! Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we see you again joining HCAU for a night out!

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