HCAU Where are They now? Barbora Krskova

Where Are They Now?

Name: Barbora Krskova

Former Committee Position: Editor

The degree you did at Aberdeen Uni: Management & Psychology

Current Job/Degree: Masters in Creative Business Management



How have you been since leaving Aberdeen? What are you up to now, almost a year after graduating?

I’m good! I’m currently working on my master’s degree at University for the Creative Arts. Who would have thought I would end up going to an art school? Not me! Moving down south has been an adventure, and the excitement of living a short train ride away from London still hasn’t worn off. There is so much to do, so much to see! (I chant as my wallet cries in the background.)


What do you miss the most about HerCampus Aberdeen?

I miss having an educated, supportive collective of women to hang out with, and I miss the writers’ meetings where we would just passionately discuss topics ranging from TV shows to politics. For me, they were such a safe space where we could share our passions and educate each other, and it is true what they say, you don’t realise what you have until you lose it. I miss it so much!

What was your favourite HerCampus Aberdeen moment?

Picking just one is very difficult, but I have really fond memories of the bar crawl we did for HC’s 4th birthday!


Is there anything you miss about Aberdeen (I’m assuming not the seagulls!)?

I am currently very jealous watching everyone’s snowy snaps! I so miss the snowy winters (except from that one time the city council wouldn’t clear the roads and pavements, and everything turned into icy mess). I also miss the gorgeous uni campus, especially compared to my current one which essentially consists of two buildings! Also, the general feeling of leaving on the seaside, I miss that as well.


Do you have any favourite articles that have been published since you left?

My recent favourite is Carlyn’s article about January detoxes – preach girl! As an avid fanfiction reader, I also loved Ellen’s article highlighting the reasons why fanfic is totally amazing. In general, however, I love seeing so many articles discussing politics and queer themes, as this is something I have always felt passionate about.

Finally, is there anything you’d change about your uni experience? Or advice that you could give current students?

Embrace it! Honestly, try things, find people who love what you love and do it! Coming from Aberdeen to a tiny campus with three (!!!) societies, none of which I’m particularly keen on, I miss the abundance of societies and clubs we had in Aberdeen. This also goes for the talks organised by the university – if you’re even remotely interested in the topic, go! I personally don’t think I would change much, I loved my time there. But, I am still a student after all, so I can’t give you the ’proper adult’ advice just yet! Ask me in a year’s time, I might be wiser then.


Thanks for chatting to us Barbora! Best of luck with everything the future has in store for you! lots of love from the little pink ship xoxo

(all photos Barbora's own)