HCAU Profile: Minna Berglund

HCAU Profile: Minna Berglund

Name: Minna Berglund

Age: 22

Degree: Finance and management studies

Hometown: It’s complicated, but the answer is probably Stockholm, Sweden.


I took the time to ask some behind the scenes questions of my lovely friend Minna – here is what she had to say!


HC: Hello Minna! Fourth year has just started, how did third year treat you?


MB: Third year was great! I had five hours of classes and tutorials every week (?!), which meant pleeeentyyy of spare time. I therefore had the time to try out new sports and join new societies. I started taking golf classes as I found it essential to play if you’re a finance student, because that’s where you meet your clients. I also found out that golf is not for me as I, most of the time, never managed to hit the ball! Third year has probably been the best year so far on every level. I was busy but not stressed. I had plenty of fun and managed to do well in my courses. It is what you make it!


HC: That sounds like an amazing year you had, and oh, how I am jealous about all that free time. But here’s the classic: what made you chose Aberdeen University?


MB: To make a long story short, I found motivation for studying in my last years of high school in Stockholm quite hard. I considered myself much of a slacker who just couldn’t wait until my years at school were over. When my dad later got a job in Luxembourg when I turned 16 we all moved down and a completely new life was awaiting. The new change to a conservative French-German school system motivated me to go all in and work as hard as I could, which in return showed its magic. At this time I was ready to take several years off before I started university, but since all of my friends applied for universities all over Europe, I thought “why not give it ago?”  I still had study motivation left. I was keen to try out something new and my choice was between a Swedish university and Aberdeen. I had never been in Scotland before coming to Aberdeen so I saw it as a new, fun experience!


HC: You’ve been part of a lot of societies and clubs in your time at university, starting from Lacrosse and going to the Great Scottish Bake Off. How did you find the time to do it all?


MB: As I mentioned earlier, I only had five hours of university a week, which gave me loads of time to do other things. I see being a part of a society a great way to keep up with the friends that I usually don’t meet at campus and a great way to meet new friends. To be frank, I’m really good at joining clubs and societies, but I’m probably the least committed member when it comes to doing the actual sport… I must say that tearing my ligaments in my knee in first year combined with my laziness to work out in the evening has been a large reason for why I haven’t been that committed to the sports. On the other hand, I have been very committed in the social parts of the clubs, and I’ve hardly missed a single social, haha! In the end, I prefer doing my own thing with long walks, gym in the morning or the 7.30am spinning class.



HC: It’s always important to do what makes you happy, and let’s be real – socials are the best part. I hear you’ve decided to try and live 4th year as a “fresher” again with no commitments to committees, what made you decide so?


MB: Well, I was the president of the Great Scottish Bake-Off society, as well as treasurer and previous public relations, of the Nordic Society. I had so much fun and I learnt a lot by being a part of a committee. I can’t say that I’ve been stressed or it taking up too much time as I managed to balance everything quite well. It is more about making the most out of my last year as I won’t be able to get it back. For next year I’d like to enjoy what university has to offer!


HC: As you have been in Aberdeen for three years now, what do you think are the three best things about it?


MB: 1. I know “friends” is a lame answer, but without all the people I’ve met, my experience probably wouldn’t have been the same.

2. I have probably tried most societies on campus. During first and second year, I managed to sign up for newsletters for I don’t know how many societies and sports clubs and I went to most of the initiation events and tried out almost all of it. I managed to meet people I wouldn’t have met otherwise and try out brand new things.

3. The beach! I love the ocean and the beach walks (laaaame but oh boy, so true). In Sweden I grew up by the sea and it was one of the things I missed the most by moving to Luxembourg. In Aberdeen I live about a five minute walk from the beach. No matter if it’s a rainy day or sunny, you will probably find me by the beach.


HC: What did you look forward to most about the summer just past?


MB: Oh, there is so much I looked forward to! I’m a planner so I had the entire summer very much organised already. My first destination was Stockholm, where I went with a couple of friends from university. I also went to Sicily with my mom for a couple of days before my internship, which I really enjoyed. But as much as I can’t wait for fourth year, I just want time to slow down a bit. Everything is passing by too fast and I find it scary that I only have one year left of my four year degree… how the heck did it go that fast?

Summer or winter? Winter! I’m from the north, I love skiing duh

VK’s or vodka mixers? Vodka mixers

Skiing or cycling? Skiing

Pubs or clubs? It really depends, but I love to dance so probably clubs


Thanks Minna for taking the time to have a chat with us and hopefully fourth year will treat you well!


All Photos: Minna's Own