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HCAU Halloween Costume Awards 2017



In honour of one of our favourite events on the HCAU calendar: our annual Halloween celebration, we have come up with a list of costume awards that we feel deserve a shout out! From all things freaky, to a costume that came with its own human prop, here are our favourite looks from the night!



Best dressed: Tamarra as Hawaiian Barbie

I don’t think anyone can deny that this costume was the best of the night, complete with shell bra, blonde wig and her own Hawaiian Ken; Tamarra definitely went all out this year!


Best Group Costume: Emily, Sarah and Elle as unicorns

Our favourite group costume of the night goes to these three sparkly unicorns, because who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle in amongst all the gore.


Most with the least: India and Carly as an angel and devil

Amazingly, they only spent £2 on their costumes! Our ‘most with the least’ award has to go this beaut pair!


Special mentions:


Brendan as Ken

A special mention goes to Brendan for being a real trooper as the only boy at the party and the Ken to Tamarra’s Barbie. Good job B!



Holly as a leopard

Holly kept it classic with her leopard costume – because you have to at least have one cat at a Halloween party, right?




Emma as a pumpkin

A new take on a classic Halloween costume, definitely the scariest pumpkin in the room!


Everyone’s costumes were absolutely amazing! We here at HCAU hope you all have a

Spook-tacular Halloween!


Photos: All the costume owner’s own

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