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Happiness Begins: A One Night Trip Back To My Childhood

On 5th February 2020, I got to relive my childhood. I went to see the Jonas Brothers live. The Jonas Brothers were a massive part of my childhood from the age of 8. Back in 2007, they released their first song, S.O.S, and not long later, the music video to go with it. I remember seeing the music video for the first time on Disney Channel, and I thought these guys were the coolest human beings ever and that the song was such a bop (still is), so getting to see them live 12 years later was crazy amazing!

Even before the concert started, you could tell everyone in there was as excited as me and my friends. Everyone was waiting to feel like a kid again. Throughout the whole gig, the boys managed to squeeze in a ridiculous amount of songs – which I will forever be grateful for – and had a mini movie going on in the background the whole time. During new songs, it was new videos, but for the old songs, they had their old music videos playing in the background, and I honestly forgot how young they used to look. It’s stupid, I know, but I grew up alongside them and forgot that we all used to look like babies in comparison to now!

The second act was by far the best! With a few exceptions in the first half, the second half was completely filled with their old music, and suddenly, I felt 10 again. I genuinely stood there, singing my little heart out, feeling the happiest I have felt in a long while, and it almost made me cry; turns out reliving your childhood is good for the soul, who knew?

Even watching the boys on the big screen while singing brought me pure, wholesome joy. One thing that hugely stuck out for me was seeing Nicks face when we were singing his lyrics. As everyone who hasn’t been living under a rock knows, when the boys split up, Nick and Joe pursued solo careers, so they included some of their solo songs in the setlist. When Nick was singing his songs and turned the mic towards the crowd to let us sing, his face just lit up hearing us all scream his lyrics back at him. Even when he stepped over singing ‘red dress’ in Burning Up (you know the part I’m talking about), he laughed because we did the vocal acrobats for him.

Standing in the Hydro in Glasgow at 20 years old, hearing the Jonas Brothers sing live, is something I never thought would happen because I didn’t think they’d ever get back together; I’m so glad they did! The whole night, from watching the boys come down from the ceiling at the beginning of the concert, to nearly breaking my own voice singing so loud to S.O.S and all the other classics, to hearing the whole crowd singing loud and clear over the boys, this was one of the best nights I have ever had. So, thank you, Jonas Brothers, for getting back together and giving me some of the greatest memories that I’ll treasure forever.

Masters student at the University of Aberdeen!
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