Hairstyles for Lazy Days

As Lizzo once said ‘Shampoo press, get you out of my hair’

If you are running late for your 9am lecture, these (extremely) simple looks will have you looking put together in seconds and will leave everyone else jealous of your perceived togetherness and organisation. Enjoy my hair and face!

Leavin’ it

Sometimes you really don’t have the time for even a simple ponytail before your 9am, therefore leaving it down can be a viable option. Personally, I really used to hate my hair down, always preferring it up and out of my face. However, recently I’ve been trying to let my hair breathe and go wild on campus. That doesn’t mean I leave it bare and suffering though; I like to use a little bit of argan oil rubbed through the ends to add some shine and dimension to the frizz. This is so simple, but I think people often forget that leaving hair natural, at least some of time, is super healthy for your hair and can even create some new interesting hair looks.

Hairband it

This is a great option for people who like me, want to get more wear out of their hair, but can’t stand it getting in the way of everyday life. There are so many different types of hairbands, I would suggest buying a couple from Primark (they have so much variety and they are really inexpensive!) and seeing which ones you like best. For some of my own – like the one in the right picture – I Like to secure the band at the nape of my neck with a few hairpins to stop the band from falling off. This also makes the headband feel a lot more comfortable, and I am not stressed about it during the day.

Scrunch it

The easiest way to throw your hair up is with a massive scrunchie, grabbing all of your hair and wrapping it around itself, then the scrunchie, will leave your hair secure but messily cute. Tug and pull at the bun to get the desired messiness, and take pieces out to frame the face. This is perfect for on-the-go gals who need to tie up their hair in a jiffy. I always keep a scrunchie in my bag or on my wrist for whenever a hairstyle like this is needed.

Braid it

You could easily do a simple 3 strand braid but I really like doing French pleats whenever I am stuck for hair ideas. I also love this hairstyle for when my hair is in need of a good wash but I simply don’t have the time; I find the extra texture makes the pleats stay in place. I also like to use small clear elastics as they look almost invisible on my hair, but I also like to add different accessories to jazz it up.

Pin it

This is extremely basic but I think it is the style that you can be most creative with. In an ideal world I would use some really bright or interesting hair clips (think pearls, diamantes, and pastel colours) but alas I refuse to pay the extortionate prices of Zara and Primark have yet to deliver the goods. Simply use Kirby grips to pin one section of your hair at the side of the head back. It really is that easy – but it is cute and honestly makes you look so put together even if you have taken 2 seconds on.

Bun it

I would say this, after French braids, is the most intensive hairstyle - but in total both of the different variations I have done took roughly 30 seconds so it doesn’t take a lot of time to be ~trendy~. Essentially, split your hair into a middle parting, then section the top part of your hair into two further sections on each side of your head. Then, using small, clear elastics, roughly tie your hair into two little loops on each side of your head. Then pull at the loops so they become loose and fluffy (like the picture on the left). If I want a more structured bun, I will take the loops and twist them around each other and secure with Kirby grips. I often take the tails of my hair that fall from my bun and twist it around the bun itself for an even more structured yet still fluffy look.

All of these hairstyles are super simple and extremely easy, but sometimes simple is better and these easy looks are perfect for when you literally have 3 minutes before you have to leave the house.

All images are Iona’s own.