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HACU Profile: Holly’s Pup!

Dog Profile 

Name – Pandora, also known as Pandi, Pan-Pan, Pandi-Pan-Pan, The Pan or Pan

Age – 1 year and 9 months

Breed – Yorkshire Terrier


Everyone meet my wee Yorkie, Pandi! She is the love of my life and even though we have only had her for almost two years, I cannot remember what life was like without her! We got Pandi when she was 7 months old, her mum and her relatives were all Crufts champions and Pandi was in training to be the next Crufts winner. Unfortunately, Pandi’s previous owner was suffering with health problems so we adopted her and although she won’t be strutting around a ring any time soon – we know she’s the best dog in the world.


Hobbies – Pandi loves to bark and growl at dogs who walk past the house. Although when she is out on a walk she is very timid around other dogs, when there is double glazing between them, she has no problem telling them what she thinks!


Favourite Food – Cheese! Although she is very willing to try anything that you have to offer her!


Pandi and the Family – She has no favourites, but she does listen to mum more than the rest of us. She just wants tummy tickles and to be cuddled by anyone. Mum also knits Pandi’s jumpers for her because all the ones in the shops are too big. Here she is modelling a lovely purple number.

Tricks – although she thinks she is cute enough to get treats without having to do any tricks, she can do the basics. She can sit, give two paws and sit up on her bum. We are currently trying to get her to master ‘speaking’ – I don’t know whether that’s a good thing to teach her or not yet…


Does she ever misbehave? She doesn’t misbehave as such, but she has a bit of a diva complex and if she doesn’t want to do something she won’t do it. She has also taken to sleeping on the big bed with mum and dad so now she won’t sleep in her basket overnight….

How spoiled is Pandi on a scale of 1-10: 11


What makes her so great? She has a lovely nature and is so affectionate. Although she’s only little, she has such a big heart and the welcome that I get when I go home is so amazing! She has so much love to give and wants to be given as much attention as possible all the time. She’s a character and can make the worst day better just with a few kisses. She’s definitely my little best friend and I love her to pieces.


PS. She also has a pink jumper, just like a HC one!






Holly Judge

Aberdeen '19

MA English Graduate 2018 and PGDE Secondary (English) student 2018-19. President of Her Campus Aberdeen 2018-2019
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