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A Formal Call to all Students of Aberdream: Save Slains

Save Slains: https://www.change.org/p/stonegate-pub-company-save-slains?fbclid=IwAR3ULSa9GxRtS_mr_TOE-Z8kzqHxVuz4DuZfAs0Vavk6law3MniR51arvdw&use_react=false


It all started on the morning of the 21st. I woke up (barely) and was eager to roll over and go back to sleep, that is until my phone buzzed when I, as a true millennial/Gen Z (I’m a weird crossover kid), was obligated to turn on my phone and find out what was happening. And that is when I read those words, those three horrible, disgusting, earth-shattering words… ‘Slug and Lettuce’.

At first, I thought this was my flatmate telling me that there was a slug in the flat and I just about had a heart attack. But soon my eyes adjusted to the light and my brain unfogged and woke up, and that’s when I realised what was happening, Slains – our beloved, unique, crazy cool pub located in the heart of Aberdeen – was going to be replaced by a chain called ‘Slug and Lettuce’. My heart sank as I tried to comprehend the news, Slains – my favourite pub – is shutting down.

I refuse to accept this, and neither should you! Can you imagine a world without Slains? A world without a toilet behind a bookcase? A world without Slains gothic design and skull glasses? Do we want to imagine that world? No! It’s far too scary!

Slains was one of the first pubs I ever visited in Aberdeen, and it was THE first pub I visited when I started studying at Aberdeen University. Slains is an iconic part of Aberdeen! It stands out from other bars because of its incredible architecture (it used to be a church y’know?), its stunning interior design, not to mention the captivating and completely mood-setting theme and atmosphere of the pub!

Slains is far too iconic to simply die, disappear and be turned into a ‘Slug and Lettuce’. And no shade to Slug and Lettuce but based on the pictures I’ve seen, S&L is where you go for an Instagram date before a movie or a cosy night in whereas Slains is where you go for a smashing time at with all your best friends before a memorable night out!

Slains is a must have stop for a pub crawl, their drinks and welcoming atmosphere have been part of so many Her Campus pub crawls, and I can’t imagine what they’d have been like without it!

Slains is part of the same chain as Triple Kirks and The Bobbin so you know its got good food and amazing drinks, AND you can use your More card there!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your butt down to Slains, have a great time and show them that no matter how much Slug and Lettuce want that building, we, the students, want Slains and will settle for no less!

Sign the petition here if you agree:


Second year Psychology student @ University of Aberdeen
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