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Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber Sang About Their Anxiety…and I LOVE IT

“Cus I Don’t Care”

When I first read that Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber were releasing a song together, I assumed that it would have a very sexual, summery, club-worthy vibe – some combination of “Shape of You” and “Despacito”.

But WOW, I was not expecting what I got instead. I was so pleasantly surprised when listening to the lyrics of  “I Don’t Care”, and realizing that they are singing about feeling anxious!! To be more specific, they both sing about arriving at a party and feeling out of place, ignored, alone, and straight-up uncomfortable. They then proceed to sing about how the comforting and supportive presence of their partner alleviates their anxious feelings, sparks a bit of confidence within themselves, and reminds them that they are somebody. In the end, Ed and Justin sing about how the support from their partner(s) gives them the courage to stay in the situation and dance.

It is absolutely refreshing to hear a song by two male superstars which addresses their anxiety and mental health – a topic which is so often swept under the rug (especially by men and boys).


In the last few years, Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber have been quite vocal about their mental health. Since his marriage to model Hailey Baldwin, Bieber has been especially vocal about his depression and anxiety, as well as his journey through their first year of marriage. At first, I felt that the public was very surprised and judgmental towards Justin for sharing his ‘darker’ thoughts, but thankfully, he didn’t lose his momentum and continued to share his story and his path towards finding inner peace. Justin does not hide the fact that Hailey has been his absolute rock during both the good and the bad times (he also gives credit to his faith and attending church services!).


It is a bit less surprising to hear such a song, heavily influenced by deeper emotion, from Ed Sheeran. Ed is known for his raw and romantic songs. Just last year he released his song ‘Save Myself’ in which he expresses how he is constantly helping those close to him, but they never reciprocate this care and compassion. He sings about the need to look after himself before he can look after others.


“I Don’t Care” has the potential to give comfort to those who also suffer from anxiety and depression and remind them that celebrities, too, have these thoughts and feelings. It also has the potential to give those who have been told to conceal their anxieties, to be open and start that dialogue. Overall, in my opinion, this song is a stepping stone to ending the stigma around anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions.

Also – lyrics aside – the beat and melody are GREAT. Very “Shape of You” as I predicted.

Julia is a postgraduate student studying International Conflict Studies at King's College London. Originally from the Greater Boston area, she enjoys English weather but will always be a sucker for the cold, snowy winters and hot, humid summers of New England. She wouldn't mind spending her career behind a computer, whether researching and writing about past and present events in the international sphere, or writing more fun and creative lifestyle pieces.
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