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The phrase ‘common white girl’ has well and truly made its way onto our twitter stream as a, supposedly, witty way to describe the stereotypical white girl. We look down the list of features that we white females are supposed to uphold, severely judging our own individuality. We tick off in our heads that we do in fact own an iPhone and yes we do enjoy a latte then looking to the heavens and muttering through our MAC lipsticked lips ‘I can’t even…’. Her Campus girls are often looked upon as the definition of the ‘Common White Girl’ due to our pink and glittery exterior. Yes, we enjoy Instagram and an occasional Starbucks but why must it be assumed that we own a pair of Uggs and a Bichon Frise (although they are blooming adorable).  



Okay I must admit, whilst I am writing I do have a scrunchie in my hair, a puppy on my lap and a white iPhone by my side but I HOOOONESTLY am not feeling the common white girl vibes. Although my inner 'common' white girl seems to come naturally to my manicured nails and Topshop covered body, blog pages scream (figuratively…) off my google search -  WHY CAN’T I FIND MY INNER WHITE GIRL?! – well please kind sir, simmer down and have a slither of mine, she’s apparently quite the stereotype. There are a set of strict instructions involved in becoming a ‘CWG’ according to the bible of the 21st centuary - Twitter. The first step is being obsessed with twitter and Instagram. I surrender, yes this is me. I am as bad as an American teen on glitter pills. The next stop is being able to give ‘bae’ a stormy pout whenever he talks to other girls… thankfully my ‘bae’ is a puppy who is more interested in nibbling my toes than speaking to other girls, unless they have a better toy collection, naturally. However, I struggle to take seriously any human who can say ‘bae’ without seriously sarcastic undertones. Being able to quote all of Mean Girls. Well, on Wednesdays we wear pink. Concentrating on our shoe collection, I can say that I am not an UGG owner however do own a pair of Nike trainers. Strictly for the gym… when I eventually visit it. And finally: the leggings. Oh the contro over these strips of fabric. As I have a bum approximately the width of the Grand Canyon I avoid leggings at all costs, especially the slightly see through pair just so you can’t see my spotty knicker collection. That sight would cause sore eyes. So surely to be a CWG all you have to do is don a pair of UGGS and set off to Starbucks for your pumpkin spiced latte – which apparently is all you care about. Sorry ‘mom’ I forgot it was your birthday, Starbucks released their Red Cups today hehe *hair swish*.



With all these negative connotations of being a blonde airhead why are so many girls LOLing at the fact they are “sooo common white girl, hehe *another hair swish*”.  I think it’s mighty important that they know there is more to this stereotype. Not to blow our own trumpet (but I am going to) Her Campus is a fine example of the CWG with an edge. Take a Her Campus meeting for example, first we fit the whole cliché with gossiping and OMG I HAVE NOT SEEN YOU IN ABOUT A YEAR. But then we explode into political debates, crazy news stories and I can promise you everybody has an opinion on everything. Before teenage girls begin to sprain their necks they should sit in on a HC Aberdeen meeting. They would realise that we are a glitter fire storm that only brave souls reckon with. Just have a think about adding a brain to this pink, fluffy, Starbucks loyalty card holding concoction which makes us girls a bit more than ‘common’ and a lot more dangerous W.O.M.E.N.


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