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Campus Cutie: Mr Arturas Jakubovskis

Arturas Jakubovskis, or for those of us without the exotic background, AJ, is one of the hottest cuties on the Aberdeen block. This pout-loving selfie socialite is often found in bars and cafes around town with his fellow lawyers-to-be (or me).

For our cutie interview, AJ and I decided to meet for brunch in our usual catch-up spot Rye & Soda. After a few months of not seeing my favourite DLP year Law student we sat down to Bloody Mary’s (to loosen the tongue) and a pile of scrumptious brunch feeding.

I first met AJ when we both worked for a certain frozen food outlet where mother’s like to shop so of course our conversation began with concurring that leaving the land of Ice was a decision we are still both willing to stick to. AJ had now turned to bigger and better things, working as an – exotic sounding- Barista for Starbucks, serving the great Aberdeen public their morning coffee. Despite AJ’s love for all things coffee he did admit his future does seem to be taking a turn to Law. With graduation from his DLP quickly arising and trainee applications swamping his Batchelor pad, AJ divulged that having a career in law in Edinburgh or London is certainly where he sees himself in 5 year’s time. Better start saving for those designer suits with this man’s expensive taste!

Moving on from the conversation of work, this cutie is no dull boy Jack. With spontaneous trips to Edinburgh for a week at a time and creating a head-turning blast where ever he goes I was informed of all his behaviours – top secret of course. Now speaking of the party life we quickly turned to the nitty gritty of the conversation. DATING. Although still the single man, if you were interested, which I’m pretty sure you are… you would have some competition. AJ admitted that he still has not found the boogie to his woogie or the pina to his colada [yes, I did just google Take Me Out catchphrases], but would love to find somebody that he can have romantic nights in and out with.

Whilst waiting for the bill to arrive, I sprung a quick fire round of questions onto our budding Campus Cutie… Get ready…. Set… Go!

1.    Age

23 and never aging further.

2.    Hometown?

The answer to this was incomprehensible and my spelling skills were not up to scratch after drinking at 11am therefore this question soon became ‘home country’?


You exotic boy.

3.     Where is your dream holiday destination?

Paris… although I’ve never been but it looks perfect.

Think of those holiday selfies AJ… THOSE SELFIES.

4.    What is your perfect date?

Hmmmm…. On a beach somewhere hot and toasting marshmallows on a fire snuggled under a blanket.

Well that’s adorable… Date me? [I wipe a tear away and try to carry on]

5.    White or Red


However, knowing AJ – this could actually be any colour and any type of alcohol. Hence why we are such good friends.

6.    Apple or Samsung

After receiving a judging eye-roll that I would even ask such a question, I grasped the answer was Apple… apparently selfies aren’t quite the same on a Samsung.

7.    Your go to shop

Zara [laughs looking down at what he is wearing]

AJ is currently wearing head to toe Zara sooo… I have to agree this is definitely fact.

Now if this exotic man tickles your fancy and you can see yourself together walking through the streets of Paris hand in hand (with bottles of wine in your spare ones) please let me know and a set up may be in order. However, be warned I am in charge of the screening process – I do accept chocolate as bribes though.


Photo Credits: Stalking AJ’s facebook (with permission ofc)


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