Campus Celebs - 3D Designers at RGU.


Campus Celeb - 3D Designers at RGU.


Ever wandered through your nearest IKEA show-home and fallen in love with every ceramic dish and plate you found and wondered who’s lucky job it was to design products that we love for their simple beauty and fuction?

Our 3D Design friends over at Gray’s, RGU have the pleasure of spending their days recreating that scene from Ghost, and channeling all things practical as they design a new way to display our favourite things, food and wine, as well as all things decorative.

The class, which consists of 7 girls and one very lucky boy, will be graduating in June 2015 and afterwards will plummet straight into real-world 3D-designing. Working with materials and processes ranging from glass, ceramics, 3D printing and textiles, the group have produced a beautiful collection of work and exhibit their masterpieces throughout the year as a part of their degree. Important dates for your diary would of course be, the Interim-show taking place between the 9th-13th February, and their Degree Show, from the 19th-27th June. Their work takes inspiration from the psychological, fundamental, cultural and social aspects of life and some students are particularly interested in futuristic work.

However, their time at Uni is not all fun and games, as they are currently fundraising for their own future. The students are in the midst of organizing a trip to the opportunity of a lifetime at the ‘NEW DESIGNERS’ trade fair in London. Last year there was an audience of 17,719 to the fair, which comprised of employers, buyers, manufacturers of private collections, design enthusiasts and MPs. The ultimate place to be if you’re in the shoes of the Design students. However with funds short, they have been raising their own pennies to showcase their work as emerging designers and have held their own in-city exhibits, pop up stalls and at Christmas time, an online Etsy store was born.



Featuring items of jewellery and cute accessory pins, the funds they make from these ventures is helping to make their ceramic dreams a reality and is also promoting Scottish design- and who wouldn’t want to do that? Please check out their 3DD pop up shop on Etsy, we promise it won’t disappoint:

To see more of the RGU’s students’ work and to find out more about the New Designers trade fair in London please follow the links below:



Geraldine McGeechan

Kayleigh Cummings

Hannah Morrison

Natalie J Wood

Gregor Wittrick

Carmel Wilkinson-Ayre

Louise Robinson

Helen McIlwrick