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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Aberdeen chapter.

‘Studytube’ is the up and coming online community that focuses on young people’s productivity, positivity, general education and, of course, those dreaded end of term exams. While a relatively new space for young people to find comfort during the collective stress of academic life, in the UK there are many ‘Studytubers’ who offer advice on everything from how to rewrite notes to the best ways to destress after an exam.

In no particular order, here are some of the up and coming Studytubers from the UK that give out some stellar advice that could help you throughout your academic career. 


#1 Eve Cornwell

One of the best editors on this list, Eve’s videos are funny, inspiring, relatable, and filled with chilled out advice that is pretty easy to follow. Now graduated from Bristol University, and achieving incredible results even further in her educational journal to become a lawyer, her videos focus on documenting said journey with sarcasm, coffee, and LOTS of law. 


#2 Miss Varz

Vee is one of the most underrated humans on this list. Her multiple essay crises each month, even though they seem stressful, are a reminder that productivity can always be found, and that you can make that deadline no matter how close it is. Her laid back vlogs from the Oxford University campus are a breath of fresh air to the sometimes over-produced and fast paced nature of the YouTube world. 


#3 Ibz Mo

Now a graduate from Cambridge University, this Studytube icon brings sass and study advice all into one. He was one of the first people I ever watched from this community, speaking so passionately about education and how to excel academically, while also being hilariously relatable in his endeavours. If you need some light relief from the stresses of studying then this is the man for you!


#4 Ruby Granger

A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Ruby is your go-to gal for calming inspiration and, at times, intense revision videos and vlogs centred around her life. Her cosy and wholesome content has amassed many followers on many social media platforms, as well as allowed her to bring out her own stationery company.


#5 Jack Edwards

The king of puns, Jack has cultivated a community based upon his infectious humour and study advice. Alongside his own stationery company and book deal, his YouTube channel has documented his life as an English literature student with all the ups and downs. His productivity, humour, and general relatability makes him the perfect Studytuber for relaxing and laughing along with.


#6 Unjaded Jade

Whether she is traveling the world with her friends or alone, living life out in San Francisco, or meditating in her family home, Jade may be one of the most blindingly positive and motivating people on this list, and, indeed, the whole platform. Her videos often centre around what she gets up to on a day-to-day basis, as well as a smattering of study tips, motivation, and general sunshine.  


#7 Eve Bennett

The queen of Lady Margaret Hall! While smashing at Oxford University, Eve also manages to entertain the masses with her vlogs. Her down-to-earth vibes throughout her vlogs are relaxing to watch, but Eve is also one of the most driven and motivated people within the Studytube platform, which makes her perfect for those days that you NEED to get something done, but don’t quite have the mindset to do so. 


#8 Holly Gabrielle

Queen of the Vegans, Holly has shared elements of her academic and personal life throughout the years, always remaining positive, kind, and compassionate. Her travels around the world (think typical back-packing trails around Australia etc.) are always so interesting and inspiring to watch, and her study with me videos are always so incredibly motivating. 

Iona Hancock

Aberdeen '22

PGDE Primary 21/22 @ Aberdeen 1st Class Honours in Politics and IR @ Aberdeen