The Best Disney Songs to Motivate You Through Exams

The Best Disney Songs to Motivate You Through Exams


Dreaded exam period has arrived here in Aberdeen. For many of us it has been long days of studying to power through, and personally I love a good playlist to motivate me through the mountains of work I have to do. Some people like some chill revision tunes whilst others favour pumping dance music to help them get through their work. However, I have found that Disney songs are actually very motivational and are great for brightening up your day of revision.

Here are some of my top picks!


  • Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is my favourite film so of course this classic had to be included. This upbeat and cheerful song will lift your mood right up, just be careful that you don’t burst out into song in the middle of the library.


  • Colours of the Wind from Pocahontas

This is more of a chill song for early morning or late-night study sessions. Colours of the Wind teaches us that we are all one, no matter where we come from or what we look like. I love this song as I think it has such a lovely message behind it. This song will remind you of your self-worth and that you can do/be whatever you want!

  • I’ll Make a Man out of You from Mulan

Mulan is such an iconic strong independent woman and this song really gets me motivated. It is all about finding your strengths and showing your capabilities, much like exams. This song is perfect if you need a little confidence boost!


  • Be our Guest from Beauty and the Beast


Dreaming about revision snacks? Be our Guest is a fun and playful song which will take you miles away from the gloomy library. Although you might get distracted with googling, ‘what’s the grey stuff mentioned in Be our Guest?’ Also, if you’re studying French, this song does have some French in it, so technically listening to this counts as revision!

  • Let it Go from Frozen

For when it all gets too much, and you need to go home and have a sleep. (image)