8 Ways to Satisfy Your Partner as told by Sheldon Cooper

1.   Surprise them

Nothing is more surprising than coming home to a dozen cats. Plus, your partner will be so happy that they have new cuddle buddies!


2.   Make lots of eye contact

Try not to blink; it’ll make you more alluring and interesting.


3.   Wear something unexpected

Ditch the lingerie or sexy fire-fighter costume and try something a little more creative. The less sexy the better, your partner will be expecting sexy. Also, make sure you always stay in character to heighten the illusion.


4.   Use unconventional nicknames

Using honey, darling, babe or sweetheart is so last year. Be more creative, they’ll be so surprised with their new nickname.


5.   Bring something extra to the bedroom

Start hyperventilating and fake a heart attack. That will really get your partner’s attention and they’ll be completely surprised by your new acting skills.

6.   Write a 50 page poem

When reading the poem, make sure you read it nice and slow. Maybe even read it three times so they know how much you love them.


7.   Once your partner is hot and ready, ignore them

Ignoring or leaving your partner mid-action will only make them want you more!

8.   Be Mysterious

Run away and turn off your phone, steal their credit card so they’ll be forced to come looking for you. This will spark the adventurous side in your relationship.