8 Pieces Of Advice For Maintaining Relationships

Top 8 pieces of advice to maintain relationships at home when you move to University

I asked a few people to help me come up with a list of the most important tips for keeping relationships going when you move away to University, be these relationships with friends, family or a significant other. Here is what we came up with.


  1. Communication is key – It’s no good if you are mad/upset and you don’t tell your significant other or friend but still take it out on them. It will lead to arguments and could make them feel like you don’t want them in your life anymore. It doesn’t have to be constant communication, my best friend is currently studying in America and we Skype every so often and mostly communicate through memes.


  1. Don’t be afraid to branch out – you’ve spent the last 18 years of your life with the same people, I think you deserve to branch out and make new friends, just remember to save time for the ones who matter.


  1. Honesty, trust & compromise – To maintain any relationship these are KEY. Don’t hold back.


  1. Don’t be afraid to cut toxic people off – if someone doesn’t add value to your life and brings you down, then this is your chance to get rid of them and embrace the new.


  1. Support – being apart and having a life to lead can be stressful and upsetting, but you need to show support for each other and try to understand each other’s situations. I know that when I’m feeling down or stressed I can rely on my boyfriend to call me and cheer me up or take my mind off things.


  1. Keep your individuality – it’s important to find yourself (I know it sounds cheesy) and be your own person at university, so don’t be afraid to put yourself first and make sure that you are the creator of your own happiness, don’t rely on others to make you happy.


  1. Make plans & have fun! –  be spontaneous, try new things, arrange to hang out, show them something new that you have discovered at University, introduce them to your new friends and life and let them be part of it.


  1. Don’t be afraid if relationships fall apart – It’s natural for people to drift apart, especially in a time where everything is changing in your life and you become a new person. Unfortunately, sometimes we outgrow the people we were once friends with.

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