£5 Gift Ideas

Personally, I love buying gifts whether it is Christmas, birthday, souvenirs or housewarming gifts. For those who hate this kind of thing and more often than not end up relying on the pre-packaged gift boxes, here are some awesome and easy ideas (no arts and crafts needed!) for around £5 to get under the Christmas tree.



  1. Let’s get this party started!


Source: https://somethingturquoise.com/2014/11/28/diy-mason-jar-cocktail-gifts/

Find a cute glass, fill with a can of mixers (150ml Coke in Asda £0.40) and a small booze bottle (5cl)! In the picture: Dr Pepper + Fireball, Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso + Baileys, Redbull + Vodka, Sprite + Seagram’s seven crown, Coke + Jack Daniels.

You can also do a wine version with a cute wine glass and small (or big) wine bottles (e.g. Black Tower 18.5cl £1.75 in Asda).

Really cheap glasses can be found e.g in Poundland (£1) and Asda (£0.50) but other stores do super cute ones for quite cheap too!



  1. Good hair, don’t care

Garnier Hair mask £3, Batiste Dry shampoo travel size £1.50 (both from Asda) =£4.50

I think hair masks are a just heavenly pieces of luxury in everyday life! Pair with a dry shampoo and you have a nice little (useful) hair bundle.

Optional additions: a hair brush, hair ties /scrunchie, bobby pins, hair spray…


  1. Whoever said there can be too much glitter LIED

Hoops £1.50, Nail polish £0.60 each (Primark) = £2.70

Primark has loads of earrings for a reasonable price so pick a pair, find matching nail polishes, and add a necklace for a full set!  


  1. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t

Glass Jar £2, Chocolates £3 (in Asda) = £5

Personally, I would be happy with just an empty jar, but for a present you can fill it up with whatever you like! Chocolate, sweets, cookies, or go down the beauty route and fill it with cotton pads and/or q tips.



  1. The Party Never Stops - Life saver set


Nivea Cleansing wipes £1 (Poundland), Listerine mouthwash £1 (Poundland), Nivea moisturising cream £1.50 (Asda), Batiste Dry shampoo £1.50 (Asda) = £5

I once did this hangover cure for a friend’s birthday present and it was fab! I also added a deodorant and some gum. For someone whose nights tend to go on a little too long and needs to hurry to work/class, this is the perfect care package! If you need to get rid of last night’s make-up, moisturise your face for a little pick me up, rinse your mouth, or need dry shampoo to make your hair look somewhat presentable – this is for you! Taking these travel size products on a night out in a purse is easy, so it doesn’t matter where the recipient of this gift wakes up in the morning!

Optional additions: deodorant, Garnier Micellar Water (100ml £1.98 in Asda), hair spray, lip balm…


  1. Pamper me, baby

Fuzzy socks, face masks (e.g. Savers does a lot for around £1), body/feet lotion, hair oil/conditioner/mask, bath bomb, body spray…! I’m getting excited here. Just grab a bunch of anything (fuzzy socks are essential though) and it will be fine.



  1. Next semester I will make an effort

Who doesn’t love a cute notebook, sticky notes, some pens, or highlighters? They’re very useful, and a guaranteed 5/5 present.


  1. Chocolate madness

Just blow the whole £5 on different chocolates. The more you can get the better.


  1. I love my life

Fuzzy socks £1.50 (Savers), Candle £0.80 (Primark), Chocolates £1 (Primark) = £3.20

This bundle is the best gift of them all- fuzzy socks, candles and chocolate. Can’t go wrong with these!




Tips: for beauty products, Savers is heaven, Poundland does have some good products for a bargain and Primark can surprise you! Travel sized bottles are cheap usually everywhere so you can build a small parcel with many of them for less than £5!