5 Best Ja'mie Quotes

5 Quotes that prove Ja’mie is our spirit animal


Because c’mon now, we all wish we were that quiche

When you’re receiving heat in one of your multiple group chats and something snaps. You’ve taken the roast too far. No one’s replying. You’re embarrassed but trying to pass it off….

Let’s be honest, we’ve all had mental breakdowns over a family member or flatmate finishing the last of the milk or eating that leftover pizza that you’ve been craving all day. It’s no Coke Zero, but it’s close.

Admit it, it’s 1.35am on a Wednesday night in Institute, they’ve been flirty dancing around you all night and you’ve finally given in. It’s that awkward VK fuelled disco-kiss that’s given you crippling hangxiety the next day. It’s a shame we don’t all have a Mitchell there to give us that TLC we desperately need…

Everyone is guilty of it, a lil Facebook stalk and the classic ‘He doesn’t look like that in real life’. If it wasn’t for social media how could we possibly release our inner psycho?

I’ve saved this classic (possibly the best) for the last. That screenshotted snapchat, when you’re the only one in the group pic who’s blinking, your arm looks weird/fat/awkward – the list goes on. Because let’s be honest, who looks at anyone else when reviewing group photographs?


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