Missouri Legislation Threatened to Revoke Scholarships for Student Protestors

Missouri state representative Rick Brattin recently proposed legislature that would strip student athletes of their scholarships for refusing to play for anything "unrelated to health." 

Just a month ago, the University of Missouri faced protests from 30 black football players who refused to show up until, a few days later, President Tim Wolfe resigned. The importance of the athletes to the university was probably a huge factor in making the protests successful—Their refusal to play could have cost the university over $1 million if the team had actually had to foreit a game, according to the New York Times.

The law proposed by Brattin would revoke scholarships for student athlete protestors and would fine coaches that encourage these protests. 

This legislation comes at a time of racial tension on campuses, particularly University of Missouri, and the resulting peaceful protests against racism. It also comes in the wake of racist threats made on Yik Yak, and the resurgence of the Supreme Court battle over affirmative action. It's a time when protest is clearly needed, and certainly shouldn't be punished.

However, Brattin dropped the bill and is instead hopeful that it will continue to foster conversation “on what I believe is an extremely important topic," said Brattin. His decision to withdraw the legislature came as a surprise to co-sponsor Rep. Kurt Bahr, R-O’Fallon.