Apparently, You Can’t Bring An Emotional Support Squirrel On A Plane

A woman was kicked off a flight by police on Tuesday after she brought her “emotional support” squirrel on the plane and refused to leave. 

According to the Associated Press, the passenger initially refused to get off the plan. The crew then asked everyone on the flight to leave the aircraft, which delayed the flight for two hours. 

The squirrel situation was handled by authorities who were called to remove the unnamed passenger from a Frontier Airlines flight from Orlando, Florida, to Cleveland. Once the police arrived, the women and her squirrel got off. 

“The passenger noted in their reservation that they were bringing an emotional support animal but it was not indicated that it was a squirrel,” the airline said in a statement to Huffington Post. “Rodents, including squirrels, are not allowed on Frontier flights.” 

In a video of the incident, the women with the squirrel flipped off the crowd as she was wheeled off the plane. Some fellow passengers can be seen clapping for the  one-finger salute. 


Huffington Post reports that other airlines including American Airline don't allow squirrels on the flights.

Note to self: don’t bring a squirrel on a plane.