4 Ways You Can Make Career Moves During Spring Break

Spring break is a time that most college students can’t wait for. But with the COVID-19 pandemic ruining any plans for the normal beach trips, vacays, and partying, maybe this is the best time to be making plans for the future. The dreaded future! You may not want to think about it, but it is pretty important for any career moves you want to make. Use this free time now to showcase those power moves on your resume to boost your chances in the future.

  1. 1. Volunteer

    Volunteering help

    Volunteering is one of the best ways to make an impact on your community, and a noted plus is that you can pick something that can or will relate to your dream career. You can work with children or teens if you want to teach, volunteer with conservation groups if you’re interested in the environment or animals, or apply for practically any unique opportunity that you can think of.

    If you need somewhere to get started, Break Away offers a range of volunteer opportunities in partnerships with different colleges that assist your local community. United Way offers similar services, with a focus on the community and the essential services they need. Research opportunities that you might be interested in or that relate to your degree and get working in your community. Remember to check any COVID-19 mandates for travel within your own state or others in the U.S. to ensure you're not breaking any laws and can still volunteer in your position.

  2. 2. Take an online course

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    If you’re not sick of studying and want to try learning something new, start a weeklong course online! Courses can range from more job-related skills like coding or email marketing, to hobby-related courses like baking or sewing. Skills related to your dream career are probably the best to learn as they will boost your resume’s appearance, but remember that hobbies can also exhibit alternative talents to employers, which can boost your standing in job applications.

    Try sites such as Google Digital Garage and CodeAcademy for job-related courses while Skillshare offers a variety of classes for you to join.

  3. 3. Find an internship

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    Starting a job during spring break doesn’t seem like the most exciting thing to do, but it certainly gives you the opportunity to put your best foot forward in your internship role. Whether you’re internship hunting or starting in a new position during break, this free time  gives you a chance to get settled into the job hunt  or your new job. If you’re lucky to find an internship for the spring break week only, even better! You can put all your effort into making a great impression for your employer and potentially, open the door for further opportunities. Try Generation Hired for internship openings or your college’s career hub for nearby employers. Get yourself hired!

  4. 4. Network!

    They always say it isn’t what you do, but who you know. While it’s actually about what you do, who you know can still really help boost your career! Your college probably hosts a number of networking events throughout the school year and has likely encouraged students to go online for networking during the pandemic. Facebook also offers lots of networking groups depending on your career path or interests.

    Try researching for connections based on what areas you want to head into or asking your lecturers and heads of study for any contacts they may have to help you. It absolutely never hurts to ask!

Make the most of your week off school (if you have one this year!) to get yourself ahead for your future! The pandemic may have halted any chances of travel abroad or trips to the beach for now, but why not take advantage of this free time to make yourself and your resume look a lot more polished? Also remember to take time out for yourself if you have a break, and ensure you’re looking after mental health first to be the best person you can be. Go out and make career moves!