This Site Is the Secret to Getting A Remote Job

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

There’s a lot going on right now — from navigating online classes to adjusting to your new roommates (your parents). The last thing you need is for your job search to feel like a full-time job, so I’m going to let you in on a job-hunting secret: Scholars.

When you join the site, companies hiring for remote jobs and internships can find you directly. In a few easy steps, you could score a job at an amazing brand like 23andMe, Autozone, Swag, or U.S Federal Reserve Bank. And, since the founders of Scholars are three former friends from college, you can trust that they get the struggles of finding internships and entry-level jobs while in school. 

1. Create a profile.

Instead of creating dozens of cover letters and resume versions, Scholars prompts you to create a general profile that will stand out to employers. To start, you add the basics like a profile picture and education info. 

2. Find opportunities wherever you are.

One of my favorite features is the ability to choose remote-only jobs. You simply toggle on “Remote Opportunities” when adding your location. You can also add your current location (or anywhere else you may want to work) to look for in-person opportunities for this summer or fall, too.

3. Brag a little.

Next, you add more details on your skills, involvement on campus and even can share your dream companies where you’d love to work! If you’re looking for a super-specific opportunity or are open to anything, this is your spot to tell employers what you’re interested in.

4. Get creative.

To complete your profile, you have the opportunity to answer a few short answer questions, like “What’s your favorite class and why?” and “Describe a difficult decision you’ve had to make this year.”

5. Let the companies come to you.

If this were any other job platform, you’d spend the next few hours (or days!) searching through job listings and applying. But here is where Scholars is really changing the narrative: Your pre-interview work is now done as your profile will be reviewed by dozens of companies using the platform while you move on with your week. 

6. Get matched!

When your profile is a match for an employer, you will be invited to interview via text and/or email. You’ll have three days to review the company and role, and the power is still in your court: you can decline an interview if you’re not interested.

7. Slay your interview.

If you accept the interview, you will immediately be taken to a screen to schedule your interview. The business will have a link for you to directly schedule time on their calendar and from there you follow their interview process. 

And just like that, you can score some amazing interviews and hopefully amazing jobs and internships! Plus, scholars even has an amazing referral program where anytime a friend uses your code to join, you are entered to win a $500 cash prize. Interviews, jobs and money prizes!? Sign me up!