Win a subscription of the new Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium, designed for on-the-go collegiettes!

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Managing your life doesn't have to be complicated. The new Microsoft Office 365 lets you store your work in the Cloud, where you can access your files anywhere, from any device. Imagine a virtual work space that gives you more control and helps you along the way. Some of the best features include 27 GB on SkyDrive, Office on Demand, digital note-taking, and 60 Skype minutes a month.

For example, now that Spring Break is right around the corner, use OneNote to manage your vacation schedule and plan which hot spots you plan to hit before you have to hit the books again. Simply create a OneNote notebook for all your Spring Break planning needs and use it as a virtual folder to compare different trips, paste in the details of a special deal you found, or even lay out your day-to-day itinerary. With Office's Web Apps functionality, you'll even be able to collaborate on one planning doc with all your friends by working together on the same notebook in the cloud. Say goodbye to long, difficult-to-use email chains; say hello to stress-free vacation planning! And when you're finally on the beach, you'll even be able to finish that last assignment if you really need to, because all your documents will be synced and ready for you on any device you pick up thanks to SkyDrive, even while you sip a mojito and catch up on some rays!

With Office 365 Home Premium, you won't have to worry about Office going out of date either. Your subscription includes all future upgrades within your one year subscription period. Talk about taking off the pressure of higher education! And, for students really looking to make their four years count, check out another flavor of the new Office: Microsoft Office 365 University, which was truly designed with the student in mind: at a cost of only $79.99, you get a four-year subscription with all the included upgrades during that period...that averages out to about $0.67 a month! For all the deets on Office University 365, check out our review of the software.

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