These Are the Last Minute Essentials You Need to Complete Your College Packing List

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Real talk: Packing for college can be hectic — there are so many things you need to remember that it’s only natural that you might forget a few important items. So as you’re making any last-minute trips to your favorite college essentials store, this Back to School Last Minute List will help you to make sure you don’t forget anything from self-care necessities to dorm room cleaning supplies. Right this way to a successful, organized new year:  

Self Care 

These self-care items that will help you unwind from those busy days and add a little joy into your week. From our favorite razors and shaving cream from joy and glee (which BTW, are just so awesome) to face masks and moisturizer, these last-minute self-care essentials are a definite must.  

  • A pair of noise-cancelling headphones 

  • Lip balm 

  • Moisturizer 

  • Medicine for headaches, cramps, etc.  

  • Makeup organizer & remover 

Food & Drink 

Papers and never-ending assignments call for water, coffee and good snacks. These quick and easy essentials will make sure that you always feel replenished.  

  • Water filter 

  • Reusable water bottle 

  • Snack bin with your favorite snacks 

  • (Microwavable) food storage containers 

  • Eating utensils 

  • Plates and bowls 

  • Cups 

  • Coffee maker 

  • Coffee mug 


In the midst of shopping for all of your cute college dorm decor, some of the crucial essentials, like a mattress topper or cleaning supplies, might have been forgotten. Here are the less exciting essentials, all in one spot.  

  • Cleaning supplies 

  • Box of tissues 

  • Paper towels 

  • Removable wall hooks 

  • Laundry hamper 

  • Storage bins 

  • Fan 

  • To-go stain remover 

  • Lint roller 

  • Shoe organizer 

  • Mattress topper 

School Supplies 

Of course you need pens, markers, highlighters and notebooks — but don’t forget the random life-saving items. You know, like an emergency umbrella to keep in your backpack in case it rains before you finish classes for the day, or an extra phone charger for when your phone dies between classes.  

  • Desk organizers 

  • Desk lamp 

  • Folders 

  • Notebooks 

  • Highlighters 

  • Pens, permanent markers & dry-erase markers 

  • Academic planner 

  • Emergency umbrella for your backpack 

  • Flash drive 

  • Extra phone charger to recharge between classes