With This App, Movie Nights Are Back On

For many of us, week two of quarantine is wrapping up. Boredom is high, morale is low, and–if you're anything like me–you haven't seen a real person who's not your roommate in forever. But you have watched 57 episodes of The 100, or whatever your equivalent is, even if you're embarrassed to admit it.  

Movie nights feel like a thing of the past already, but there's an app that can bring them back today. The group chat will be back to laughing at each other's faces before you know it! 

Courtesy of Airtime With Airtime, you can stream from a selection of free movies, TV shows, or from YouTube, with several of your closest friends all on screen, too. Just set up a private room, send out the invites, and wait for your friends to appear, almost like they were right next to you. Decide what content you want to watch, and you'll all get to chat and see each other's reactions like the good old days. 1st up on my list? Rugrats Go Wild, what of it?

Was it really just two weeks ago we were all together? What year is it?!